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Ana Yoerg

Ana Yoerg
Ana Yoerg


Ana is a word-nerd who believes that great branded content (e.g., creative ad copy, email, blog posts, bylines, video) coupled with well-timed, agile PR campaigns can dramatically boost user growth and build customer engagement for any company, from startups to Fortune 500 brands.

In 2013, she co-founded Pivotal Pod a U.S.-based content marketing agency. As a Managing Partner, she works with its clients to construct a unique identity and define target audiences, then builds and executes a communications strategy to meet (and exceed) their business goals.

Clients have included Impact Republic, a New York-based social impact agency, as well as the global mobile ad network Opera Mediaworks and Wikia, the sister site to Wikipedia with 100M+ visitors a month. She has also worked with several startups in Las Vegas and San Francisco, as well as the LA-based Annenberg Foundation to create, a multimedia storytelling platform for non-profits.

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