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Tatjana Vukic

Tatjana Vukic
Tatjana Vukic


Belonging to the first generation of true Europeans, with roots almost covering the continent, Tatjana Vukic spread her life between Germany and Serbia. Born in Stuttgart, raised in Novi Sad (formerly Yugoslavia, now Northern Serbia), she developed a talent for communicating – especially via the visual arts. She studied graphic design first in Yugoslavia then went over to several prestigious schools in Germany, among them Merz Akademie.

After 16 years in marketing and advertising – one stop: Jung von Matt, one of the leading advertising agencies in Germany – she and her young son decided it was time for a change and now divide their time between various European cities. As an Art Director, Tatjana hopes to help reshape the country of her heart into a true, wealthy European nation, ecologically and economically viable – a template for others to follow.

Special skills: Art Direction – Advertising Creative – Conceptual Creative Work

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