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Adam Valvasori
imageSocial advertising junkie, pro campaigner and gnocchi roller from Melbourne, Australia. Adam has been travelling on this rock around the sun since 1975 and experiencing deep "tourist guilt" about it since 2003. He’s passionate about a lot of things like saving the humans from the humans, saving our environment from the dolphins (evil bastards) and just using our impressive talents and charms to make things a touch nicer for everyone…awwww!! If he could be any animal in the world, he’d be a honey badger - what would you like to be? He’s having the best life of his life and hopes you are too.

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Ana Yoerg
An amalgam of Russian, Italian, British, and German threads combine in Ana Yoerg, a recently married web-mistress and new media fanate. Though she studied English at Princeton where she also ran around in circles on the volleyball court, she learned to write elsewhere, from the library of an ex-New Yorker contributor to the quiet temples of northern Thailand.
She is currently an online marketing journalist and also involved with three, four, and sometimes five up-and-coming businesses as PR manager and communications director, trying to navigate them through the rapids of new media technique. You can find her musings on the interactive ad industry here.

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Arbie Baguios
imageCombining his passion for telling stories and changing the world, Arbie Baguios mostly works in communications within the international development sector. He is currently working for UNICEF-UK, but has previously worked or volunteered for Oxfam, Save the Children, and United Nations Association. Someday, he plans to write a semi-autobiographical book – or, fine, let’s be real, maybe just a blog – about being someone from the “third world” travelling the world. He’s had enough of Westerners talking about how exotic his native continent is.

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Armando Alves
imageArmando Alves is a Web Strategist at Fullsix, with 8 years of interactive and creative experience for global clients such as HP, Nokia, Chevrolet, Kraft, Nestle and national brands such as PT, SATA, Super Bock or TMN.
In his career he worked as Project Manager, Senior Interactive Developer and Head Of Interactive, exploring a wide range of technologies and programming languages.
He also writes "A Source Of Inspiration", a influential digital marketing blog, ranked on Advertising Age's Power150 and amongst the 50 most influential European marketing blogs, being guest speaker at conferences and training workshops about creativity, online advertising and the future of marketing. His blog is part of the Prt.sc blog network, were he co-hosts the videocast Alt.Prt.Sc with Vitor Domingos.
A strong believer in buddhist teachings and with a passion for the democratizing powere of the web, he dreams to one day give a talk at TED conference.

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Claire Kerr
imageDirector of Digital Philanthropy at Artez Interactive, Claire Kerr is a not-for-profit veteran who has worked for organizations in the economic development, education, and fundraising sectors. She writes about issues related to digital media and the charitable sector on her web site Nonprofity.com, and at CharityVillage.com.

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Dan Matutina
imageDan Matutina is currently the Creative Director of Idea!s – a Philippine-based nonstock, nonprofit design and communications agency focused on doing advertising works for nonprofit organizations.
Dan has worked on numerous materials for causes and NGOs, and has been involved in the creation of campaigns that helped the organizations tell their good stories to the world.
Apart from Idea!s, Dan designs toys, illustrates, oversees art direction for Gobbledygook, Inc., lectures on web and graphic design at the University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts and does a lot of other stuff for free.

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Daniel Jaszczak
imageAt the moment I call myself a marketing, communications or fundraising consultant depending on the situation. I think I know what makes people connect with charities and their causes. I love creative thinking and ideas that make people think and do more. My main background is in direct mail and donor care. My fundraising gurus are Ken Burnett and Mark Phillips.
I'm originally from Poland but live just outside of Manchester. I am big fan of anything Japanese and F1.

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James David Morgan
James David Morgan is co-founder and designer at the Groundswell Collective, an art and design studio for social change. With an ambitious goal - to contribute tangibly to the fashioning and furthering of alternative modes of social organization - Groundswell has achieved much in its first years, having been awarded in design competitions, and included in international publications.
James David writes the Groundswell blog, which provides a narrative about current trends in activist art and design. During the day, he is Advertising Director and Webmaster at the Nonprofit Quarterly, and currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Jeroen Tiebout
imageJeroen discovered Osocio (before it was actually named Osocio) while "studying" advertising at Sint-Lukas Brussels. That career track didn't really turn out as expected, yet. Now, besides working on computers at the Royal Opera in Brussels, Jeroen is a master procrastinator and is thinking about giving private lessons, soon.

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Jorn Wemmenhove
imageJorn (1984) is owner and creative strategist of De La Lora, a creative agency combining Argentinean creativity with Dutch planning. When he was 20 years old he co-founded ngo El Desafío Foundation to help Argentinean children living in poverty creating a better future. Jorn has a bachelor's degree in ‘Communication and Information Science’ and a master's degree in ‘New Media and Digital Culture’, both from Utrecht University in The Netherlands. He believes in the power of creativity to open eyes and hearts to achieve real social change.

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Kate Andrews
imageAs a Graphic Designer and Researcher, Kate Andrews holds a First Class Honours Degree in Graphic Design from The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, UK and a Merit Award from The International Society of Typographic Designers. Kate is a T-Shaped creative, with a self-confessed obsession for Communication Art and Design. In the past five years, has developed creative appreciation for Visual Communication - ever more influenced by the growing recognition for the importance of ethically and socially responsible design.
Since graduating, Kate has worked for a variety of organisations including; The Sunday Times Magazine, Aura Events, Thriving.org, Synectics Innovation Consultancy and E-Cultura, and recently exhibited at Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida, in the exhibition 'Social Issues in Graphic Design'. Kate continues to write as UK Editor for Inhabitat.com and as a Feature Design Writer for Design:Related, Design21, Roger-Live and GOOD Magazine. In 2006, she founded the design blog Anamorphosis, to act as a platform to catalog the endless search for new design talent and examples of forward-thinking Visual Communication.

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Liz Losh
Elizabeth Losh is currently the Writing Director of the Humanities Core Course at U.C. Irvine and teaches about digital rhetoric. She studies public communication, persuasive videogames, social marketing, public diplomacy, risk communication, and institutional branding. She writes about the discourses of “virtual state,” the media literacy of policy makers and authority figures, and the rhetoric surrounded regulatory attempts to limit everyday digital practices.
Her first book, Virtualpolitik, will be coming out from MIT Press in Spring of 2009. Her daily online column by the same name won the John Lovas Award for best academic weblog in 2007, and -- in addition to Osocio -- she is a regular contributor to Siva Vaidhyanathan's weblog about free culture and intellectual property Sivacracy. She has published articles about videogames for the military and emergency first-responders, government websites, national digital libraries, political blogging, congressional hearings on the Internet, and state-funded online learning efforts.

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Marc van Gurp
Marc van Gurp Founder of Houtlust/Osocio.
In daily life webdesigner and webmaster at the Adformatie Groep, the Dutch platform about marketing and advertising. Was meant to become a race cyclist but history decided something else.

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Monica Brasov-Curca
imageMonica Curca is a communications strategist and social entrepreneur leveraging new media and digital technology for social change. She is the founder of PAX Manifesto and Transmedia for Good: SoCal group in Los Angeles. Monica works as a strategic communications and media consultant for international peacebuilding and development agencies. She has extensive on the ground experience in transmedia campaign strategy and management and training/ building capacity of civil society organizations and grassroots communities in peacebuilding, media and communications. Website: PAX Manifesto.

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Noah Scalin
imageNoah is a lifelong activist and founder of the award winning, socially conscious design and consulting firm Another Limited Rebellion. ALR has been featured in dozens of international books and magazines and in 2004 Noah was named one of the “Top Forty Under 40 successful young professionals who give back to the community” by Style Magazine in Richmond, VA.
Noah is also an adjunct faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University where he teaches Design Rebels a course on socially conscious graphic design.

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Reuben Turner
imageI'm creative director of the Good Agency, the UK's leading (possibly only) integrated communications agency specialising in good causes. My background is in fundraising and direct marketing. So I believe creativity and ideas have to change the world measurably, not just win awards. I work in London but wake up every morning in Brighton, where I have four children.

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Simon Beyrand
image Social advertising can be part of the change, but only if we do it with art and passion. So here I come with my youngness and my crazy ideas, trying to elevate the voice of good causes.
I work in Paris as a digital strategist, and, when sometimes I go offline, I read and listen to some good jazzy music.

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Serge Fenenko
Managing Director at Novocortex B.V. Novocortex manages market introductions of innovative products. With the focus on online interaction with your clients. Novocortex is part of the Dutch Marketingfacts Network. Within the network, Novocortex is responsible for Interactive Strategy Audits and online advertising campaigns. Novocortex won a number of awards on advertising festivals, such as Golden Hammer, Golden Award of Montreux, Red Apple in Moscow and Kiev International Ad Festival (portfolio).
Serge Fenenko studied History in the former Soviet Union and Business Administration in the Netherlands, and holds an MBA of Rotterdam School of Management, the Erasmus University's business school.
Serge Fenenko’s Specialties: Interactive marketing using online and mobile channels, product marketing and business development with the focus on market introductions of innovative products, development and marketing of e-payments.

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Tatjana Vukic
imageBelonging to the first generation of true Europeans, with roots almost covering the continent, Tatjana Vukic spread her life between Germany and Serbia. Born in Stuttgart, raised in Novi Sad (formerly Yugoslavia, now Northern Serbia), she developed a talent for communicating – especially via the visual arts. She studied graphic design first in Yugoslavia then went over to several prestigious schools in Germany, among them Merz Akademie.
After 16 years in marketing and advertising – one stop: Jung von Matt, one of the leading advertising agencies in Germany – she and her young son decided it was time for a change and now divide their time between various European cities. As an Art Director, Tatjana hopes to help reshape the country of her heart into a true, wealthy European nation, ecologically and economically viable – a template for others to follow.
Special skills: Art Direction - Advertising Creative – Conceptual Creative Work

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Tom Megginson
imageTom Megginson is a Creative Director at Acart Communications, a Canadian Social Issues Marketing agency. His 20-year career in advertising began with freelancing for his local paper in Kingston, Ontario, and has included magazine work in Milan, employment at various Ottawa Agencies, and even running his own virtual shop.
Over the past decade, he has become a specialist in social marketing, cause marketing, and corporate social responsibility. His clients include national associations, Canadian government departments and agencies, not-for-profits, and relevant private-sector companies. While he loves being an "adman", Tom is also very involved in the transformation of global marketing through social media. He is a passionate blogger, and can also be followed at workthatmatters.blogspot.com.
Tom lives in Ottawa with his wife and a young son who is known to regular readers as "Ladman".

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