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We have 72 blogposts in the field of Ableism. Ableism is a form of discrimination or social prejudice against people with disabilities. It may also be referred to as disability discrimination, physicalism, handicapism, and disability oppression.
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  • Burns and Smiles - the fight of the burn victims to change other people's look

    Burns and Smiles – the fight of burn victims

    By on 14 December 2016

    In this short film, we spend a very special evening with a burn victim. This victim has found a way to accept his condition. Acceptance and awareness is the main message in this campaign from the French organisation Burns and Smiles. 400,000...

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  • Down Syndrome Answers: What is Down syndrome

    These are the best people to give the Down Syndrome Answers

    By on 15 November 2016

    Where are you going with questions about health? Yes, that Google page. And that is exactly the fact where this new campaign of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) is based on. Discovering that an unborn child has Down syndrome can be a...

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  • A beautiful, artistic, and surprisingly controversial transit campaign

    By on 30 October 2016

    The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) partnered with the National Ballet of Canada to cross-promote the two institutions with a campaign called, “We Move You.” It’s beautiful, unexpected, artistic, and… body-shaming? “We can’t deny that there is a lot of body-based...

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  • Burger King drives home a literacy message at the drive-through

    By on 29 September 2016

    A few years ago, Marc and I had some April Fool’s Day fun with Osocio, pretending that we had been acquired by McDonald’s. For the day, we ran posts about how great McDonald’s was on corporate social responsibility and,...

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  • Channel 4 Superhumans spot for the Paralympic Games

    Is this the greatest social ad ever made?

    By on 19 July 2016

    If you haven’t seen it yet, the UK’s Channel 4 Superhumans spot for the Paralympic Games in Rio is the greatest sequel imaginable to one of the greatest ads ever made. It’s three minutes of powerful, moving, funny, compelling...

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  • Guide Dog owners driven to despair by taxi and minicab drivers who illegally say no to their dog

    Imagine you were turned away by a taxi driver

    By on 8 June 2016

    Imagine that you are blind and dependent on a guide dog. And that you were turned away by a taxi driver because of that dog. That’s the story in this funny video from the English charity Guide Dogs. The refusal...

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  • Belgian Paralympic team Powered by Rio

    Belgian Paralympians push the limits far beyond the finish line

    By on 1 June 2016

    This campaign video from the Belgian Paralympic Committee (BPC) is powerful in many meanings. Above all it is a convincing portrayal of Belgian paralympians as driven, non-stop athletes. The video begins with the statement “Training doesn’t start at nine”. For...

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  • Efficient Furniture Campaign for the Institute of Social Technology ITS Brasil

    This furniture is handicapped and function pretty good

    By on 9 May 2016

    This campaign about the inclusion of people with physical disabilities in the workplace is made pro bono by Brazilian agency Y&R São Paulo. They did it for the Institute of Social Technology – ITS Brasil, which promotes the so-called “Supported Employment”....

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  • #BellLetsTalk Day: Dialogue, Brands, and Microdonations

    By on 27 January 2016

    It’s Bell Let’s Talk Day in Canada, which means that telecommunications giat Bell Canada is promising a 5¢ donation for every text message or long-distance phone call sent on their network, or Tweet with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, or share of...

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  • FashionIZFreedom a clothing line for people who use wheelchairs

    New clothing line for people who use wheelchairs

    By on 2 December 2015

    People in wheelchairs also have clothing issues. That’s something regular mobile people never actually dwell upon. Shari Walczak: Shari is Co-Founder from Toronto-based creative agency The Garden. The agency is working together with IZ, a clothing line for people who use wheelchairs. Rather than creating an...

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