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  • TrollAid - A way for trolls to directly raise money for refugees

    TrollAid – A way for trolls to directly raise money for refugees

    By on 26 January 2016

    This extremely funny idea comes from Calais Action, the grassroots giving movement supporting refugees in Calais and Europe. They have started with crowdfunding with the name TrollAid. A special action for xenophobic guys who work so hard giving comments like the one above...

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  • Anti-pipeline activists hack the Canadian Dollar

    Anti-pipeline activists hack the Canadian Dollar

    By on 11 December 2015

      The Canadian Dollar Coin is known domestically as the “Loonie” because of the bas-relief image of a great northern loon (designed by Robert-Ralph Carmichael) on its reverse. The loon is somewhat of an icon in parts of Canada in which it is...

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  • Not Just Tuna Greenpeace

    Art is essential in this activist campaign about tuna

    By on 6 December 2015

    Thai Union is the world’s largest canned tuna company dominating the market in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Thailand and other countries. Critical monitoring of the company is one of the spearheads of Greenpeace. The company is known for the most devastating...

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  • Childrens Society Sexual abuse should not be a normal part of growing up

    Sexual abuse should not be a normal part of growing up

    By on 17 November 2015

    I’m of two minds about this new campaign for The Children’s Society (UK) by VCCPme: The storyline is chilling, and deeply affecting. Especially when we see the family’s ignorance of what the young woman is going through. At the same time,...

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  • Undressing Disability: Speaking up for sexual needs

    By on 12 November 2015

    Much of the social discourse about advertising involves the inappropriate sexualization of people in ads, especially women. But what if a group of people actually asks you to sexualize them? That’s the message behind Undressing Disability, a new campaign...

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  • The erasure of LGBT youth

    By on 25 August 2015

    Well, “LG” anyway: These posters, for Czech LGBT support organization Sbarvouven, give a visual expression of how “in the closet” lesbian and gay youth feel themselves erased by having to pretend to be someone they’re not. Simple, but devastating. Agency: Oh,...

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  • Duty Of Care: Protecting Children In War War Child

    Duty Of Care: Protecting Children In War

    By on 27 July 2015

    The HELP campaign by charity War Child  is aiming to prevent atrocities against children in war zones around the world. The charity outlines it’s aims in a press release: The Statistics show that last year was one of the worst...

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  • This water PSA has a surprisingly cool soundtrack

    By on 24 July 2015

    As creative advertising, this YouTube PSA for Safe Water Network is pretty straightforward: A succession of images and statements that show how essential access to clean drinking water is to humanity. Literal, but required reading: The big surprise is the...

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  • TrendOnThis AdCouncil Ebola David Oyelowo

    #TrendOnThis: Celebrity PSAs done right

    By on 23 July 2015

    Adland’s Kid Sleepy drew my attention to this fantastic campaign for awareness of the ebola crisis. #TrendOnThis is an attempt to change the Twitter trends from trivial celebrity gossip to important news about the international fight against ebola. To...

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  • Unmarketing billboards provide relief from ads on the highway

    By on 22 July 2015

    If there’s one thing I know about advertising people, it’s that we simultaneously love and hate our industry. What we love is sharing exciting ideas that influence behaviour by inspiring or provoking people in clever ways. What we hate...

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