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Animal Rights

We have 243 blogposts in the field of animal rights. Popular topics are Shelter Pets, Animal Cruelty, Endangered Species and Fur.
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  • Do you think bullfighting belongs to another age?

    Do you think bullfighting belongs to another age?

    By on 2 May 2017

    6.3 million views in 4 days on Facebook is the result of this striking and unusual video from France. It is the message from FLAC (Federation of Leagues Against Corridas), the organisation fighting the cruelty of bullfighting. The chosen moment for...

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  • A tiger for Christmas?

    By on 23 December 2016

    A tear-jerking retelling of the Tiger Who Came to Tea from WWF, perfectly timed for Christmas. There’s still time to adopt a tiger for someone. Hankies at the ready. Agencies: JWT and Partizan  

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  • Animal charity releases humorous dog detective video calling for tighter measures on classified ad sites

    These dog detectives need help to uncover the truth

    By on 28 June 2016

    A campaign on a heartbreaking subject which you can watch with a smile. That is this humorous dog detective video from international animal charity FOUR PAWS. It is a call to classified ad sites to improve their procedures for selling pets online. The...

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  • Another week. Another three pop-up shop ideas.

    By on 13 May 2016

    It’s getting to be a Thing. But these three pop-up shop campaigns show what you can do with a bit of ingenuity and some empty retail space (there’s a lot of it about). Which one’s your favourite and why?...

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  • Marine Conservation Society: Get to know fish better

    You really get to know fish better

    By on 19 April 2016

    The ads don’t look like ads. It is more something of the front of an information brochure. And the drawing style isn’t very special. But the work is good because it funny, the viewer is not pedantic addressed and there...

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  • Change Their Fate – Harrowing Wildlife Reserves Singapore Campaign To Combat Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

    Campaign show brutal behind-the-scenes of illegal wildlife smuggling

    By on 3 April 2016

    This campaign about illegal wildlife trafficking is currently running in Singapore. It is made by agency POSSIBLE for Wildlife Reserves Singapore and is meant as an awareness campaign to challenge Singaporeans with a “don’t know, don’t care attitude,” to take action. The campaign...

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  • Furry celebrities promote shelter pets

    Furry celebrities promote shelter pets #StartAStoryAdopt

    By on 29 January 2016

    This is a cute campaign for Shelter Pet Project by the Ad Council and J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. In the PSA, animal “cewebrities” such as Keyboard Cat, HamiltonPug and ToastMeetsWorld out themselves as shelter pets saved from an uncertain future.  (Toast, for...

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  • Vietnamese celebrities urges public not to use bear bile

    Vietnamese celebrities urges public not to use bear bile

    By on 27 December 2015

    These videos are part of a long-term campaign from the Vietnamese organisation Education for Nature (ENV). In general there aim is to foster greater understanding amongst the Vietnamese public about the need to protect nature and wildlife. The campaign in this blogpost...

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  • Endangered species took over the Vatican in spectacular public art project

    Endangered species took over the Vatican in spectacular art project

    By on 15 December 2015

    The St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican was the location last week of an art installation organised by humanitarian and environmental groups. The project named “Fiat Lux: Illuminating Our Common Home” was a projection of several National Geographic photographers to highlight...

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  • Christmas, the feast of the force-feeding

    Christmas, the feast of force-feeding

    By on 14 December 2015

    The Belgian GAIA made a lot of campaigns about the horrors of foie gras production. This year they choose gruesome images with a sugar sweet thus cynical voiceover. It is the story about food related to christmas. The time of year...

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