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Animal Rights

We have 243 blogposts in the field of animal rights. Popular topics are Shelter Pets, Animal Cruelty, Endangered Species and Fur.
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  • The #IkeaMonkey is back, and he needs your money

    By on 13 December 2014

    Darwin is a Japanese snow macaque whose image went viral in 2012 when he was found wandering around a Toronto IKEA wearing a shearling coat: Umm saw a monkey in the #ikea parking lot. — Bronwyn Iler Page...

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  • Wildlife Aid found the superlative of cuteness with ‘Saving Harry’

    By on 16 November 2014

    I’m a big fan of the work from Kris Hofmann. Her animations surprise every time and are always completely different. In the animation she made for Wildlife Aid UK she found the superlative of cuteness. It is the story...

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  • Shelter dog rescues office worker

    By on 18 September 2014

    Reverse thinking in this campaign from the Australian The Lost Dogs Home, the largest animal shelter in the country. They did their first Human Walking Program last April. The idea was to helping get Melbourne office workers out from...

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  • Lush deep-sea bottom trawling

    EU-wide bodypaint action for a ban on deep-sea bottom trawling

    By on 12 September 2014

    Marine conservation non-profit BLOOM teamed up with LUSH this week to draw public attention to the plight of the remote deep waters of Europe. All LUSH shops across Europe host a campaign from 8 to 14 September about the...

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  • The ‘life of a pig’ to demystify the origin of meat

    The ‘life of a pig’ to demystify the origin of meat

    By on 8 September 2014

    This new campaign is from BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation. The online version is the story of a pig made in a horizontal scroll webpage. The website shows the need to tell to people the origin of the meat...

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  • A wildlife trophy that saves lives

    By on 20 August 2014

    Agency guertlerbachmann used the idea of wildlife trophies to make stamps for the German organisation Pro Wildlife. The stamp is part of a postcard and is exactly the part of an animal which is the trophy. Like the tusks...

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  • Elisabetta Canalis plays a dog in a hot car for PETA

    Elisabetta Canalis plays a dog in a hot car for PETA

    By on 25 July 2014

    It’s a typical strategy for PETA: Increase empathy for animal suffering by putting beautiful young women in their place: In this case, however, it’s an issue that most mainstream viewers can emotionally support. In our hyper-connected media environment, it...

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  • WWF: The Pyramid scheme of slaughter

    The Pyramid scheme of slaughter

    By on 24 June 2014

    This fantastic campaign shows that illegal wildlife trade is maintained through supply and demand. Removing one link in the chain and it will stop. The campaign is from WWF Australia: Stop one. Stop them all. Advertiser: WWF Australia Agency:...

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  • Dogs Trust Hot cars kill dogs

    Hot cars kill dogs

    By on 6 June 2014

    A very simple, very effective demonstration from the UK’s Dogs’ Trust. Advertiser: Dogs Trust Agency: Beige London Source: Third Sector

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  • PETA anti-poaching campaign

    .@PETA needs to do more ads like these poaching ones

    By on 3 June 2014

    When PETA launches campaigns that sexually exploit women, disrespect human suffering, or just plain lie, I’m the first to call them out. But when they do something good, I’m not afraid to say so. This anti-poaching campaign from Lowe,...

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