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A great use of the #lolcats trends with the French Red Cross

Posted by Aurélia Courtot | 1-08-2012 11:01 | Category: Articles, Health, Social aid

“Oh that’s so cute !” That’s generally the reaction you have when you see a kitten picture on the web. Kittens, lolcats and other cute animals have invaded the web and they are great weapons to generate audience on your website or views on youtube.

Advertising and marketing people have understood that and use now this strategy in their campaigns. But for a non-profit organisation, it could be a little more tricky to use this kind of humor in their communication.

But the French Red Cross did it on Facebook launching a “cute overload firts aid training awareness campaign” also inspired by the “demotivational posters”.


« First aid, If even the squirrels are training, what are you waiting for? »

FRC have one of the most active non-profit French communities on Facebook and it’s a very smart way for the community manager to run his fanpage.

French Red Cross

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Free download: She Decides

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 21-03-2010 20:07 | Category: Articles, Women's Issues

This message is moved to our new section: Academy. Read it here.

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Must-read: Reactive vs Proactive

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 19-03-2010 00:11 | Category: Articles, Design, Osocio

“Osocio has successfully created a platform free of a hidden agenda, which encourage exploring the successes and failures of social advertising and non-profit campaigns.”

What can I say more? I just discovered this great six page article, which makes me blush, in the digital Read more | Post comment (1)

Webdesigner depot has 8 tips to design a Charity website

Posted by Armando Alves | 8-02-2010 20:49 | Category: News

Lee Munroe published last week at Webdesigner depot a useful post on webdesign for non-profits.

Do check the article for more about the 8 tips that make a good charity website:

  1. A mission
  2. How sponsors will be helping
  3. Photos of people the sponsors will be helping
  4. Donate button
  5. Donations to date
  6. A funding goal
  7. Keep in touch
  8. How can people help

Drop a few comments if you know of any more tips on how to create a sucessful non-profit website.


Source Web Designer Depot

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Activist Storytelling: Groundswell hits the presses!

Posted by James David Morgan | 14-12-2009 17:48 | Category: Activism, Articles, Culture

Osocio readers know the importance of storytelling in social change strategies.  From childhood cancer to human rights accountability, the narrative is one of our most powerful activist tools. At Groundswell we have been thinking a lot about how these stories work, and we’ll soon be publishing a collection of them for cultural activists.

Osocio readers can pre-order the journal here, 20% off, using the code “0soci0” - note the beginning and end zeros, not an uppercase letter O.

Our first edition focuses on crisis folklore and will include offerings from influential authors the world over.

Through the end of the week, Osocio readers can pre-order the journal here, for 20% off!  Enter the code below (note the beginning and end zeros, not an uppercase letter O) during your purchase:


We are also raising funds from individuals to help us to create a larger, broader and more connected community of actors and participants through a print journal. Donations as small as $1 can be made, and go directly to our printing costs.

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All Day Buffet

Posted by Dan Matutina | 6-07-2008 14:37 | Category: Articles


I recently saw this while surfing around Behance. alldaybuffet -  a social action brand for the creative community. alldaybuffet has nothing to do with food but it has everything to do with filling our hunger to do good. Our purpose is to connect the things we like with the things that matter most. Our concept is open participation. Our network is a family of likeminded people around the world working towards the same ideals. Whether it’s drinking for a cause, curating an art project, or stripping for charity; we want to get you Full on Good.

It’s a simple idea: Inspire Action. Change the world. Have Fun. Because doing good shouldn’t feel like a chore.

I found this really cool, different and innovative. In my opinion this type of initiative could really get a lot of individuals to join, especially the young ones and people from the creative field. :D More info after the jump.


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Conceptual Design: Building a Social Conscience.

Posted by Kate Andrews | 17-02-2008 15:50 | Category: Articles, Design, Education


Is there a relationship between the conceptual thinking behind Marcel Duchamp’s 1917 urinal and contemporary design practice? Design writer and Design Observer contributer Nick Currie believe’s there is. In an AIGA feature of 1995, Currie presented some interesting thoughts on the evolution of Conceptual Art and its impact on designing for social impact. Currie’s feature, Conceptual Design: Building a Social Conscience begins by exploring if there has ever been “Conceptual Design?”’ and moves on to discuss how the conceptual arts of the early 1900s has led young designers to think more about social issues than consumer goods.

“There’s a generation of young designers who, almost a century after Duchamp, seem to share something of his spirit… Rather than products, these people are designing situations, intervening in existing arrangements, framing everyday activities in ways that make us think of them, unexpectedly, as “design.” And although they’re often satirical in tone, these designers share a concern with ethics and responsibility; one of the reasons the design they make is so often immaterial is their sense that the last thing the world needs is more objects, more consumer goods. The widening ripples of Duchamp’s gesture blend, in their work, with the repercussions of a gathering concern around issues like sustainability, community and responsibility: to be conceptual is, after all, to be thoughtful. “

[article continues…]

Currie, N. (2005). Conceptual Design: Building a Social Conscience. AIGA

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Design to Change, Design to Make a Difference, Design to Improve Life

Posted by Dan Matutina | 28-01-2008 16:15 | Category: Articles

There has been a growing trend of designers trying to do something for social change; a lot of social design agencies and conferences are a result of this. The AIGA Center for Sustainability started the Green Salon program that was designed to bring together small groups of members for informal discussions around a selected topic, filling a gap between large, general membership events and casual happy hours. The Washington, DC chapter has been holding Salons on various topics on a roughly monthly basis since 2005. In general, Salons have been limited to 12 participants plus the hosts,and are free and open only to members. AIGA DC has held “Green” Salons on a quarterly basis focusing on sustainable design, and has also had successful Salons based on business issues, art direction, design for government clients and other topics.

In the Philippines, groups made their own unconferences like the “Why Not Forum” and “Design to Make a Difference” to promote social communications and design. I think this is in response to the growing trends of unconferences like Pecha Kucha in Japan and BarCamp of California. Thailand has Fuse Showcase and Hakuna Matata Night.

And it’s cool to know that there are organizations that gives awards to social design efforts like Index:—a catalyst which spurs public and professional awareness of the human and commercial potential in Design to Improve Life. INDEX: pursues this goal by awarding the biggest design award in the world, presenting international design exhibitions, hosting summits for world leaders on design and innovation and by publishing and distributing knowledge about Design to Improve Life.

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Small things can also make a better world

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 26-01-2008 15:00 | Category: Articles

Osocio is a website about visual communication. But so now and then we will publish background articles about social advertising related subjects.
Sacha Declomesnil from the Canadian fundraising blog La fontaine de pierres asked several worldwide social marketing specialists to explain what will be the three major 2008 trends in the social marketing area. I’m not a specialist at all but I have ideas how 2008 will look like.
Below my submission, the original version in French together with those from Paolo Ferrara, Antoine Vaccarro, Kivi Leroux Miller, Kevin Lee and Frédéric Bardeau can be read here.

The major trend in social marketing and advertising for this year will be small things and initiatives. The internet makes our world bigger but, maybe as a response on globalisation, we are searching for look-a-likes in ‘doing’ and ‘thinking’. That is one of the reasons why social networks became so big last two years. Now that we all found our spot on the net it is time to work. (Read on)

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