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Don’t kid yourself: This FCKH8 video is a t-shirt ad

Posted by Tom Megginson | 24-10-2014 16:18 | Category: Corporate Social Responsibility


When FCKH8 first started making waves online with its four-letter videos, I was intrigued. Hearing people say “fuck” is hardly shocking anymore, but the righteous directness of the approach was fresh.

These days, however, the organization is starting to feel not-so-fresh. In September the company, which is actually a for-profit t-shirt company, was accused of profiteering from the 2014 Ferguson unrest with its anti-racism t-shirts.

Now, they’re taking heat for this:


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UNICEF tells us something we already know and it still surprises us #violencevaccine

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 21-10-2014 16:00 | Category: Violence, Peace & Conflicts

UNICEF UK: There is no #violencevaccine. And there never will be..

UNICEF tells us something we all know: there is no vaccine for violence. And yet it is a surprising statement what the make in their new video because of the way of narrating and the lack of stereotypes.

The video is the start of the UNICEF UK’s new Children in Danger campaign. They asks the viewer to imagine what it would be like if there was a ‘violence vaccine’ that could protect children and ensure they were safe.

Titled A Vaccine for Violence the video focuses on one young victim of gang violence who is seen visiting a chemist in the hope he will be given something that will protect him. The film, ends with the message ‘There is no vaccine…there is only you. Act now to help end violence against children.’

In its report “Children in Danger: Act to End Violence against Children” UNICEF outlines that globally some 345 children under the age of 20 could die from violence each day in the next year, unless governments act.
Governments are currently developing a new set of global targets and UNICEF are calling on David Cameron to champion this via the public’s support.

David Bull, Executive Director of Unicef UK:
“We live in a world where some children are too scared to walk out of their own front doors or play on their streets.  We want children living in fear to have a chance of feeling safe and secure.  A global target would galvanise action to make the world safer for children. We know from Unicef’s work on the ground that violence can be prevented and survivors supported to rebuild their lives – but this work needs to be rolled out on a wider scale. Each day we delay more children will be exposed to the corrosive impact of violence.”

Don't Panic London

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Knitting is the new sex without a condom

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 20-10-2014 12:20 | Category: Health

AIDES: No Condom, No Sex, just knitting.

AIDES, the well known French organisation, is doing remarkable Aids awareness campaigns for many years. Mostly they target specific groups like the gay community and youth. With their new campaign which is launched today they speak to all sexual active.
No condom? You better go knit.

The new campaign includes four films with accompanying print. They are named ‘Pea’, ‘Knitting’, ‘Pearls’ and ‘Puzzle’, evocative names that reveal what the long winter nights can look like….without a condom.


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Wear It Pink - Look Good. Do Good

Posted by Tatjana Vukic | 18-10-2014 09:22 | Category: Environment, Health, Pinkverts, Women's Issues

Campaign by Media agency Carat for breast cancer fundraising initiative ‘Wear It Pink’ started yesterday. Campaign videos are running across cinema, social media and out of home channels during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Carat used the Genero platform to put out a brief to a global creative community of over 300,000 filmmakers to create pieces of cost-effective, high quality, shareable video content. The video content , either 25 seconds or 55 seconds, based on the themes “look good, do good” or “bored with beige” is promoting the ‘Wear It Pink’ campaign which encourages the public to wear pink and make donations during October.

47 films were shortlisted and Wear It Pink selected four finalists to feature across all media platforms.
It’s the first crowd-sourced, cost-effective, video creative campaign of its kind in the UK.

Cabinet created “Animation of a flying pink elephant”, which shows an elephant painted in pink, stepping off a cliff and flying.


wear it pink

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Little girls hijack age warnings during prime time

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 17-10-2014 19:40 | Category: Fundraising, Developing World, Women's Issues

Plan Belgium: I'm too young to watch this movie but old enough to marry.

The latest Plan Belgium campaign was recently featured on TV, in Belgian cinemas and via Preroll on YouTube. The idea is simple and surprising.

At the start of a movie (on TV and in cinema) viewers got the age warning that the film is suitable for children over 12 years. After the age warning a girl tells the viewer “I’m too young to watch this movie but old enough to marry.”

Within 30 seconds, it is clear that it is about child marriage. Every minute 27 girls are forced into marriage. That’s one every two seconds.

Plan Belgium: “The start of a solution is simple: more education. Getting girls to school means delaying marriage. And by becoming a Plan parent that’s exactly what you’re helping to achieve.”

The video below is the translated case study.
See all original Dutch spoken video’s here.

Plan Belgium
Duval Guillaume

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If you knew your words were hurtful, would you say them again?

Posted by Tom Megginson | 16-10-2014 17:30 | Category: Discrimination

If you knew your words were homophobic, would you say them again? Learn how to be an LGBT positive parent.

Full disclosure: I wrote these ads as a personal volunteer project, in partnership with my sister-in-law, Bonnie Robinson, at Ottawa’s YOW! Productions. We had been looking for a pro-bono job to do together, and Bonnie had been involved with the organization. She shot these two PSAs on an absolute shoestring, with volunteer actors and most people’s time donated. I’m sharing them here because as parents we really need to stop enabling a culture of casual homophobia.

The first PSA is for parents of LGBT children who haven’t come out yet. The quotes are based on actual surveys that Etc. did with LGBT youth, about things they had heard that had hurt them and the underlying message of seemingly-innocent comments:

Etc. (Capital Pride Ottawa)
YOW! Productions

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Save the Children wants you to #BeASuperhero

Posted by Osocio | 16-10-2014 01:40 | Category: Poverty, Developing World


What’s not to like about this new Save the Children ad? It’s got real children in it – not actors, but actual children supported by the organisation’s work in their real-life environments. It’s made by the super cool BAFTA-winning agency Don’t Panic – the same guys who brought us that brilliant “Most Shocking Second A Day” video, and Greenpeace’s “Lego: Everything Is Not Awesome.” It’s positive and inspiring; it’s meant to motivate people to take action when it launches alongside Save the Children’s global campaign, Race for Survival, and the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17. In short, it’s just great.

Of course, there is always that guy who would say, “Hold on. Isn’t it a bit more complicated than that? Didn’t I read somewhere that we are ‘not the heroes of this story’? Maybe we should try a more nuanced messaging?”

But that guy is probably just overanalysing it, am I right? This ad is quite good, anyway. It’s what appeals to most people. It’s going to raise millions. And it’s likely going to go viral, too. So don’t be that guy. #BeASuperhero instead.

Save the Children
Dont Panic

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Luvo jumped over his addiction with sport

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 15-10-2014 20:00 | Category: Drugs, Poverty, Social aid, Sport, Violence

We Are Who We Become: about how sport unites young people around the world and helps them build their future.

The video below is the story of Luvo, a near-to professional long-jumper. In his teens Luvo has been supported by a non-profit organisation specialising in community development through sport and recreation. Especially in those days when he struggled with a growing addiction to drugs they helped him in staying true to his ambitions.

It is one of five portraits in this new campaign from Right To Play. All five sporters had their struggles, life has not been an easy road. But they managed to come out stronger. And sport played a major role in that. We Are Who We Become is about how sport unites young people around the world and helps them build their future. The five video portraits are like Nike commercials but even more powerful by the stories of the athletes.

Wieden + Kennedy

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Drop a brick in the toilet to save water - one flush at a time

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 15-10-2014 15:40 | Category: Environment

Drop a brick in the toilet to save water - one flush at a time.

Saving flush water with a brick is not new but not well known. It is an easy implementation, place something in the cistern of your toilet which replaces a part of the water.
Now there is a new project to promote this water saving solution: Drop-A-Brick, a collaboration between individuals in San Francisco’s advertising, design and manufacturing industries. And they do so in a very funny way.

Putting the Drop-A-Brick in the water tank of your toilet displaces around 0.4 gallons of water. If every toilet in California had a brick in the tank it would save 67 million gallons of water per day. The brick is made from natural rubber and it’s filled with non-toxic hydro gel powder.

The project is currently in crowd funding status.

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Experience the effects of abusing DXM without trying it yourself

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 13-10-2014 21:30 | Category: Drugs

DXM Labworks: Experience the effects of abusing DXM without trying it yourself.

DXM is short for dextromethorphan, an ingredient found in cough medicines. Some teens are abusing DXM (also know as Robotripping) to get high while possibly causing serious damage to their bodies. When taken at high doses, DXM can distort how we perceive sight and sound, and create a feeling of detachment from our environments and ourselves.

Agency Tribal New York has created a new digital campaign and mobile app for the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) and the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids called DXM Labworks that targets “fence sitter” teens, ages 14-19, who know of DXM abuse or have friends who abuse it.

They built DXM Labworks to simulate the effects excessive amounts of DXM can have on an individual. The mobile app lets teens engage with the effects of DXM drug use through interactive robots, and allows teens to virtually experience the side effects by creating their own robot that must perform a series of 3 “tasks” while high on DXM. After the robot has either “Failed” or “Failed less” on each task there is a final “boss” task where the user attempts to stop their robot from puking.

The app is downloadable for free from iTunes or Google Play store.

Related Robotripping posts:
- Drug PSA puts the “retch” in wretched social marketing
- Interactive Robotripping and how to interfere

Tribal New York

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