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We have 51 blogposts in the field of Consumerism. Campaigns and actions about consumerist critique on ever-growing purchasing and consumption of material possessions.

  • The ‘life of a pig’ to demystify the origin of meat

    The ‘life of a pig’ to demystify the origin of meat

    By on 8 September 2014

    This new campaign is from BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation. The online version is the story of a pig made in a horizontal scroll webpage. The website shows the need to tell to people the origin of the meat...

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  • inglorious fruit & vegetables

    Inglorious Fruit & Veg

    By on 26 June 2014

    Every year we throw millions of tons of perfectly edible fruit & vegetables away because it doesn’t look right. A huge cost to producers, a huge waste of healthy, inexpensive food and a scandal in a world where a...

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  • Drinkwise: How To Drink Properly

    How To Drink Properly

    By on 24 June 2014

    Good intentions gone .. bad. If there is right way to drink than there is also a right way to get drunk not hitting the bottle? This australian campaign against drinking makes me confused. Teaching people properly to drink?...

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  • AXE and Coca-Cola sell peace at Super Bowl

    AXE and Coca-Cola sell peace at Super Bowl

    By on 4 February 2014

    What can possibly be seen as a heroic move by AXE and Coca-Cola considering the xenophobic social media backlash that followed the airing of both commercials about peace and love, selling peace, might have actually worked. Of course AXE...

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  • Samsara: This our food. And belly.

    This our food. And belly.

    By on 13 January 2014

    This video is called ‘Food sequence’ and is part of the documentary Samsara. Samsara is Sanskrit for “wheel of life”. And in our time, this also includes this kind of food production. This video isn’t new but so powerful that...

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  • Fresh Air by Dupé

    Fresh Air by Dupé

    By on 5 November 2013

    That’s right! You don’t need to worry about bothersome pollution anymore! At long last you can buy your own personal, clean, organic air in an easy to transport jar thanks to Dupé. Other innovative lifestyle products on offer at...

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  • Feeding America

    Feeding America PSA

    By on 6 September 2013

    The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced three days ago that nearly 16 million children in America face hunger. The PSAs were launched on September 5, as part of Hunger Action Day, which kicks off September as Feeding...

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  • Demand Conflict Free Electronics

    Demand Conflict Free Electronics

    By on 12 June 2013

    Demand Conflict Free Electronics is an awareness campaign designed by Matt Wilson as the final major of his B.A Hons Degree from Plymouth College of Art in the UK. His goal is to educate people about conflict minerals being...

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  • Buycott app reads the corporate DNA of things you buy

    “Buycott” app reads the corporate DNA of things you buy

    By on 15 May 2013

    Are you comfortable doing business with the Koch Brothers, and giving them more money for their right wing political lobbying? Do you want to buy in to Monsanto’s efforts to modify and aggressively patent the genetics of staple food...

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  • Happy Meat

    By on 7 January 2013

    Nice project from type-b. They combined food with toys in this animation. type-b: “While the meat processing industry strips all features and personality of their product, the toy industry simply magnifies and exaggerates these characteristics. Combining efficiency, functionality and...

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