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We have 170 blogposts in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. It is also called CSR, corporate citizenship or sustainable responsible business.

  • York Region Transit Transit anti-harassment campaign focuses on bystander intervention

    Transit anti-harassment campaign focuses on bystander intervention

    By on 6 May 2015

    Note: This is my own work, so I’m sharing it here simply as an example of a social marketing strategy. Feel free to critique it in the comments. (Reposted in edited form from our agency blog, Change Marketing.) Three years...

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  • PornHub does another cancer PSA

    PornHub does another cancer “PSA”

    By on 20 April 2015

    In 2012, online sex video aggregator PornHub they promised to donate to breast cancer research every time one of their “boob videos” was viewed. Competitor Brazzers did a high-profile safer sex campaign in 2010. Also in 2010, British charity...

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  • Biscoitos Zeze Projeto Cadeira na Rua

    Cookie company brings back the oldest social network

    By on 17 April 2015

    Brazilian cookie company Biscoitos Zezé brings back the oldest social network: the neighborhood. They placed chairs as a surprise and let the camera run. It’s not spectacular, it’s simple, all that is needed are a few chairs on the sidewalk for bringing people together....

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  • Mesa livre

    Intervention in Brazil encourages people to share a table

    By on 19 January 2015

    Mesa Livre, Free Table, is a nice intervention conceived by two young advertising guys from Porto Alegre in Brazil. Ramon Ballverdú and Caio Turbiani came up with this idea during lunchtime where they saw that many chairs were unoccupied. While there was a line of...

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  • Still image from NBA's

    The NBA brands itself as a “Barrier Breaker” for #BlackHistoryMonth

    By on 16 January 2015

    In advance of Black History Month in the United States, the National Basketball Association is planning a number of observances, the first of which is this PSA that will debut during this Monday’s Detroit Pistons/Atlanta Hawks game. Set to Dr....

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  • Don’t kid yourself: This FCKH8 video is a t-shirt ad

    Don’t kid yourself: This FCKH8 video is a t-shirt ad

    By on 24 October 2014

    When FCKH8 first started making waves online with its four-letter videos, I was intrigued. Hearing people say “fuck” is hardly shocking anymore, but the righteous directness of the approach was fresh. These days, however, the organization is starting to feel...

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  • New Budweiser PSA isn’t a dog’s breakfast

    New Budweiser PSA isn’t a dog’s breakfast

    By on 22 September 2014

    I was ready to dislike this anti-drunk-driving PSA from Anheuser-Busch. It just seemed so manipulative from the start. But the ending totally redeemed it: Okay, so it’s still picking low-hanging fruit (dogs, or “beasts,” being one of the “3...

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  • The Dancing Traffic Light

    The Dancing Traffic Light

    By on 16 September 2014

    Very smart from Smart, the car brand. The latest campaign is FOR, it is about positivity and urban mobility. Against something, it is the easy way. ‘FOR’ is an institution that can change the world. Nothing new here, it...

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  • Homes without kitchens

    By on 28 August 2014

    Another example of commercial brands addressing social issues. Uncle Bens (rice) have launched this viral in the UK showing how important it is to keep passing our cooking skills on – or we risk our children growing up not...

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  • In this video ATM stands for Automated Thanking Machine

    In this video ATM stands for Automated Thanking Machine #TDThanksYou

    By on 6 August 2014

    This viral is the typical tearjerking marketing and I must admit that I was also hit while watching the video. The Canadian TD Bank Group is doing an annual customer appreciation day and this year they did it with...

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