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  • Bye Bye Ebola - Sierra Leone is celebrating

    Sierra Leone is celebrating: Bye Bye Ebola!

    By on 24 November 2015

    The world is not yet fully Ebola free but we’re almost there. Time to party! SMAC Sierra Leone made this video to celebrate the end of the ‪Ebola‬ outbreak with the ‪Azonto‬ dance. It is a lively, swinging compilation of dancing with doctors, nurses, field workers,...

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  • The seller is honest about this phone. Would you buy it?

    The seller is honest about this phone. Would you buy it?

    By on 2 November 2015

    Some social experiments really miss the point. Others are a direct hit. Like this experiment from Oslo in Norway. Passers-by are approached by sellers with an honest story about a smartphone. The phone is incredible cheap. But it is...

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  • Hidden Camera: get more in return than giving to charity

    Hidden Camera: get more in return than giving to a charity

    By on 23 October 2015

    Most social experiments fail because they reflect us as bad and unreliable. Which is a true statement in some cases but very ineffective for cause campaigning. This reverse fundraising experiment from Norway is different because it gives hope. The Norwegian...

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  • Zalissa's Choice - Kinderpostzegels - Burkina Faso 2015

    14 year old Zalissa sees another future

    By on 12 October 2015

    In Burkina Faso, one out of two girls under 18 years old must marry. But not Zalissa, quite deliberately she took another decision. She wants to continue her study first and later she like to build a health center in her village....

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  • FIA Foundation Save Kids Lives

    The right to walk to school free from road traffic danger

    By on 8 October 2015

    According to World Health Organisation figures, 500 children are killed each day in road crashes globally. That is the problem what this new campaign co-funded by the FIA Foundation is about. ‘Save Kids Lives’, a short film directed by Luc...

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  • Make love not scars another beauty vlogger

    Another beauty vlogger?

    By on 23 September 2015

    This, from Indian not-for-profit Make Love Not Scars, is a beauty video with a difference – a powerful campaigning tool that points out that it’s just as easy to buy lipstick to make yourself prettier, as it is to...

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  • This water PSA has a surprisingly cool soundtrack

    By on 24 July 2015

    As creative advertising, this YouTube PSA for Safe Water Network is pretty straightforward: A succession of images and statements that show how essential access to clean drinking water is to humanity. Literal, but required reading: The big surprise is the...

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  • TrendOnThis AdCouncil Ebola David Oyelowo

    #TrendOnThis: Celebrity PSAs done right

    By on 23 July 2015

    Adland’s Kid Sleepy drew my attention to this fantastic campaign for awareness of the ebola crisis. #TrendOnThis is an attempt to change the Twitter trends from trivial celebrity gossip to important news about the international fight against ebola. To...

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  • Doctors of the world make a child cry

    Doctors of the world needs money to get a child crying

    By on 12 July 2015

    One simple twist in a visual or copy is often used technique in traditional advertising. It makes you stand out. And it can still work proves this campaign from the Doctors of the World (Médecins du Monde). It’s a fact that children...

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  • Science can change the world these unsung heroes prove

    Science can change the world these unsung heroes prove

    By on 9 July 2015

    This video is part of a storytelling campaign from science-based company DSM. I post it here because of the feel good character. It is about what is happening now. The development in science is going fast for a very long time....

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