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  • Bailout for Children

    Bailout For Children when the Greek rescue fails

    By on 5 July 2015

    The Greek bailout crowdfunding project is an amazing movement but also very ambitious. When writing this blogpost still €1.6bn is needed and there are only 38 hours left for this project on Indiegogo. What to do with the money when the...

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  • Human Appeal Deadly Shadows #ShineALight

    Deadly Shadows #ShineALight

    By on 17 June 2015

    This new video from Human Appeal, called ‘Shine A Light’, explores the causes of child mortality around the world. It shows a child’s shadow frozen in time and seamlessly replaced with the identical shadow of a genuine arrangement of rotting food,...

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  • Sei Solidar Suisse

    When sharing is similar to solidarity

    By on 16 June 2015

    Solidarity, it’s my main motive to make Osocio. Sharing knowledge and creativity for everyone who wants to make this world a little more beautiful. Sharing talent, enthusiasm, love, emotion, happiness, joy and belief just like the people in this new very funny...

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  • Photo of obese man in astronaut costume

    Anti-obesity campaign is a big shame

    By on 22 May 2015

    And I mean that literally. It’s shaming and it’s shameful, really. This campaign, by LatinWorks, Austin for “League Against Obesity” (Liga Contra la Obesidad y el Sobrepeso in Guatemala) shows heroes that boys traditionally dream of becoming. There’s a fighter...

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  • Grim Reaper Sings the Song About Water for Unicef

    Grim Reaper Sings the Song About Water

    By on 16 April 2015

    To many children die of diseases caused by waterborne diseases. UNICEF was desperate and asked for help to the man with the scythe. Grim Reaper came with this song straight from the Swedish tundra to donate for purifying water.

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  • Give Child Marriage the Finger

    By on 17 March 2015

    Who likes child marriage? Nobody. Well, nobody you know, anyway. This campaign from Plan UK gives everybody the chance to show how they feel about it. It’s a smart take on the traditional ‘charity wristband’ that starts with instinct...

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  • Partnership between UNICEF and RL Grime about child marriage

    A new way to tell an old story

    By on 11 February 2015

    This partnership between UNICEF and trap artist RL Grime is a new way to tell the child marriage story. Is it a music video? Branded content? A content film with a soundtrack? Or just a way to get a new...

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  • Book Review: HUMANS 3.0, by Peter Nowak

    By on 5 February 2015

    HUMANS 3.0 The Upgrading of The Species Peter Nowak Goose Lane, 2015 It may seem out-of-place to review a book about technoculture on a “non-profit advertising and marketing for social causes blog.” But as a career social marketer, popular social science books form...

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  • Sponsor A Wealthy Child

    Turn the world upside down: Sponsor a Wealthy Child

    By on 23 January 2015

    Sponsor a Wealthy Child (SaWC) is an online game that turns the world of Humanitarian aid upside down. Families from the Developing World come to the rescue of Western children ravaged by relational poverty. It is about these questions: Who really...

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  • Meet Claudia: Serving a 30-year sentence for having a miscarriage

    By on 21 January 2015

    Amnesty International Canada recently reshared this really upsetting video about “Claudia,” one of the 17 women imprisoned in El Salvador for pregnancy related issues. El Salvador has extremely strict laws against abortion, so much so, says Amnesty, that women are...

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