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  • Know them before you judge them

    By on 9 March 2008

    Hard to understand this PSA if you don’t speak Romanian. It is about discrimination against gypsy minority from Romania. One of the things is that children are not allowed to play or to be friends with gypsy kids. The...

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  • Stop racism from invading football

    By on 1 July 2006

    Stop racism from from invading football The world cup will not make forget racism that also lives in football stadiums. Do not yield to racism in football. Do a simple gesture, it will be the symbol of your opposition,...

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  • Exit-Deutschland

    By on 10 March 2006

    Poster for Exit-Deutschland. Exit-Deutschland is an initiative created by ex-criminal Bernd Wagner and ex-Nazi-leader Ingo Hasselbach. They offer a way out for right-wing extremists. The initiative is support by the German magazine Die Stern-action “Mut gegen rechte Gewalt” (courage...

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  • Close the gap

    By on 1 March 2006

    Close the Gap was created as a public service advertising campaign intended to demonstrate how rediculous the gender gap has become in America. The offensive newspaper articles expose the absurdity of the ever growing disparity between men and women...

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