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  • #IAmMuslim - An Initiative To Address Islamophobia from People Against Suffering Oppression and Poverty - PASSOP

    Provocative Initiative To Address Islamophobia: #IAmMuslim

    By on 28 April 2016

    A campaign about Islam and intolerance combined with flags as the ultimate symbol of nationalism. Those are enough ingredients to call it provocative. Agency NATIVE VML did it for People Against Suffering Oppression and Poverty (PASSOP), a South African non-profit that advocates for...

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  • Gender Gap Cake Pie Chart Paul Bakery Romania

    This is the most tasty pie chart about the wage gap

    By on 10 April 2016

    Making statistiscs on the wage gap between men and women is not a complicated challenge unlike eliminating this inequality. There is a lot of creativity needed and that is what they did in Romania. Nir Refuah and friends from Mccann Erickson designed...

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  • Inter-LGBT Obstacle Course

    The outcome in this LGBT Obstacle Course is not negotiable

    By on 29 March 2016

    This video is made for the upcoming campaign for the Pride Marches organized across France starting in June. In a typical heavily accentuated French style we see the struggle that someone is going through when the sexual identity does not match the...

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  • Wage Gap Pay me like a man Zij kant Amazon Eve

    Amazon Eve have experienced firsthand about the wage gap

    By on 21 March 2016

    Equal Pay Day is originally started as a Belgian initiative and now grown into European level. Because the pay gap is still a problem in and for all European member states. The day is the annual day to pay attention to this inequality. Equal Pay...

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  • CoorDown World Down Syndrome Day HowDoYouSeeMe

    Student with Down syndrome asks: #HowDoYouSeeMe?

    By on 20 March 2016

    CoorDown, Italy’s National organisation for people with Down Syndrome, just launched a new campaign for World Down Syndrome Day which is held on Monday 21st March. In the campaign video Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde Until is visible for the first 1:30. She is...

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  • #BellLetsTalk Day: Dialogue, Brands, and Microdonations

    By on 27 January 2016

    It’s Bell Let’s Talk Day in Canada, which means that telecommunications giat Bell Canada is promising a 5¢ donation for every text message or long-distance phone call sent on their network, or Tweet with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, or share of...

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  • Migrant workers respond to comments made by Singaporeans

    Migrant workers respond to comments about them

    By on 23 January 2016

    Familiar Strangers is a campaign to both collect and share the stories of low-wage migrant workers in Singapore. Last week, the came up with this video which can be seen as a variation on Homeless people read mean tweets from...

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  • ItsNeverOkay makes harassment brutally frank

    #ItsNeverOkay makes harassment brutally frank

    By on 26 November 2015

    **Trigger Warning: Sexual Harassment, Bullying, Implied Rape** In March, I wrote about the Government of Ontario’s great new anti-sexual-assault campaign, #WhoWillYouHelp. Now, they’re addressing some more subtle forms of harassment, both sexual and bullying, by having the offenders speak plainly...

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  • Portraits of the Unseen Domestic Laborers Behind L.A.'s Mansions

    Portraits of the Unseen Domestic Laborers

    By on 15 November 2015

    This video from The Atlantic is about Ramiro Gomez, the son of Mexican immigrants. Because of his background he was always aware of the invisible domestic laborers. Ramiro became artist and his main topic is making the invisible people visible by placing their figures in scenes...

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  • Undressing Disability: Speaking up for sexual needs

    By on 12 November 2015

    Much of the social discourse about advertising involves the inappropriate sexualization of people in ads, especially women. But what if a group of people actually asks you to sexualize them? That’s the message behind Undressing Disability, a new campaign...

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