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Watch what happens when a Gran Turismo champion starts racing drunk

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 20-01-2014 11:00 | Category: Drugs, Road safety

Responsible Young Drivers: Watch what happens when a Gran Turismo champion starts racing drunk

Watch what happens when a Gran Turismo champion starts racing drunk.
It’s what you expect. It may seem obvious but the comments on YouTube are sometimes shocking:

- They have to fake it, the “gamer” play a role and do not play the game, it think he can get first place with 1 promille, but he wont be so fast.
- How can this be real he only has 0.9 Promille wtf is that ?
- I guess it was his first drink ever. so lame.

There are also positive reactions and it is even discussed. On a platform where it belongs.

Video is from the Belgium Responsible Young Drivers.

“You can’t restart life
Don’t drink and drive”

Responsible Young Drivers

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Do we really think we can shame pregnant women out of addiction?

Posted by Tom Megginson | 4-11-2013 21:58 | Category: Drugs


Smoking during pregnancy is a really bad idea. It has been associated with low birth weight, oral facial abnormalities and congenital heart disease, and behaviour problems for the child.

You know what else is a really bad idea? This ad by the Cancer Society of Finland:

Cancer Society of Finland
Havas Worldwide, Helsinki
Ads Of The World

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Hilarious TVC targets Drug Driving Maori

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 31-10-2013 22:30 | Category: Drugs

New Zealand transport agency: Blazed Drug Driving in Aotearoa

This hilarious TVC is from the New Zealand transport agency and targets drug driving Maori.

Research from the last New Zealand Alcohol and Drug Use Survey found that Maori men and women were over 50 percent more likely to have used cannabis in the previous year than men and women in the general population. So while this campaign about which I wrote here is targeting a broad New Zealand audience, it will also specifically be targeting Maori through a separate TV ad and programme integration deliberately developed for Maori, via Maori TV.

Non-New Zealanders have to play this TVC more than once because of the New Zealand English. Which makes it more funny.

Read more about this very funny campaign here.

New Zealand transport agency
Clemenger BBDO Wellington & OMD Wellington

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Kidbet: The first betting agency for kids by kids

Posted by Adam Valvasori | 24-10-2013 10:00 | Category: Drugs, Education


Kidbet is the latest campaign by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, as part of its efforts to reduce the prevalence and severity of problem gambling. Studies show teenagers are up to four times more likely to develop a problem with gambling than adults and one in five adults with gambling problems started gambling before they were 18.

The Kidbet commercial is a dark satire of sports betting agency ads like this, which have proliferated Australian media in recent years. It features a tween schoolboy promoting a fictitious gambling agency that is ‘just for kids’. It’s undeniably clever. However is it too convincing? Will its subtle sarcasm be lost on kids and even adults who are most probably only half watching, whilst multi-tasking on another screen e.g. mobile phone? When you have to write: “*Not a real betting agency” on the screen, is your message getting lost?

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation
McCann Melbourne

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Is porn a drug? Can we declare war on it, too?

Posted by Tom Megginson | 10-09-2013 17:24 | Category: Drugs

Is porn a drug?

This campaign has been out for about a year, but I just stumbled upon it recently. Its sponsors are something called “Boyer Foundation”, Grassroots.org, Enough is Enough, iKeepSafe, Utah Coalition Against Pornography, the Peery Foundation, and Porn Harms — a project of the Christian group Morality in Media. However, the web site claims grassroots credibility:

We aren’t your grandma’s afternoon talkshow, nor are we a bunch of wanna-be-hip government workers trying to trick you into thinking porn is not cool. In fact, we are young people, just like you, who are passionate about making a difference in the world. We wake up every day empowered with a vision and filled with a desire to help people.
We know what it’s like, trust us. Pornography is a big deal in today’s world. Being young, we sometimes felt like we’ve been thrown into a world of chaos and it seems like no one really understands what we are going through, especially when it comes to sexuality and pornography.

To prove their authentic hipness, there’s a nifty animated video:

Fight the New Drug

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These aren’t the obvious drugged-driving experts

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 19-08-2013 21:45 | Category: Drugs, Road safety

New Zealand transport agency: drug driving expert opinion

A drug-driving awareness campaigns without any road scenes? That’s what agency Clemenger BBDO did in this new campaign for the New Zealand transport agency.

They have opted to avoid the “fear”/“crash” cliches with this campaign and opt for some audience-relevant humour.

The approach is the use of ‘experts’ from within the drug-driving community to get the message across. These ‘experts’ have regular contact with the sensible stoners; they are people such as dairy owners, fish and chip shop workers and the children of the target audience. These experts provide observational insights that aim to get the drugged-drivers to acknowledge that cannabis slows them down.

New Zealand transport agency
Clemenger BBDO Wellington & OMD Wellington

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Seattle police hand out pot PSAs to users — on bags of Doritos

Posted by Tom Megginson | 18-08-2013 00:00 | Category: Drugs


You probably heard the news that police in Seattle, Washington, were distributing 1,000 bags of Doritos corn chips at the city’s first Hempfest since Washington State legalized marijuana.

Seattle Police Department

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Swedish anti-tobacco ad makes an ass of smokers

Posted by Tom Megginson | 10-07-2013 16:37 | Category: Drugs



Not much else to say about this one. It’s just gross. Might be effective in turning off non-smokers from kissing a smoker, which could add to the latter’s social pressure to quit. But man oh man, is this thing going to get talked about online…

A Non-Smoking Generation
FamiljenPangea, Sweden
Ads of The World

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Consume crack and crack consumes you

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 30-05-2013 20:00 | Category: Drugs

Parceria Contras as Drogas - O Crack Consome

Agency Talent from Brasil made two posters out of dough. They placed the posters at Galeria do Rock which is well-known crack dealing area of Sao Paulo.
And that was also the place where the action began. The devastating effect of using crack was shown to the public by mealworms.
The work was made possible after months of research involving biologists.

Related campaign from Parceria Contras as Drogas:
- The best things in life

Hat tip Francesco Marini.

Parceria Contras as Drogas

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The anti-drug ads from PETA

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 2-05-2013 21:45 | Category: Animal rights, Drugs

PETA horse racing drugs Kentucky Derby

It’s a historic day. The day that PETA came with ads without nudity.
It’s about horses. And drugs. In the year in which we are ashamed about Lance Armstrong. And there is more which we should be ashamed: horse racing.

These new ads are made for PETA’s mobile billboard and will be displayed to visitors of the 2013 Kentucky Derby.
The billboard draws attention to the misuse of both “therapeutic” and illegal drugs that the racing industry uses to keep injured and tired horses running, leading to the deadly breakdown of more than three horses every day on U.S. racetracks.

PETA Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo: “The biggest tradition in thoroughbred racing isn’t fancy hats or cocktails—it’s illegal drugs that cause countless tragic breakdowns and the deaths of dozens of horses on racetracks every week. PETA’s message to people who care about animals is that when it comes to horse races, don’t attend ‘em, don’t watch ‘em, and don’t bet on ‘em.”

Horses who survive being pumped full of performance-enhancing drugs and being forced to run at breakneck speed face another threat: When thoroughbreds can no longer run, they are often sold at auction, packed onto crowded trucks, and shipped to slaughterhouses, where they are shot in the head, are hoisted into the air by one leg, and have their throats slit so that their flesh can be sold for human consumption.


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