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  • Cada vez cuenta

    By on 26 February 2006

    Anti-drugs campaign from FAD, Fundación de Ayuda contra la Drogadicción, Spain. Headline: Drogas, Cada vez cuenta. Drugs, every time counts. The campaign is directed to young people of 18 to 25 years. The top image is from the november...

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  • Antidroga de Madrid

    By on 12 February 2006

    Beautiful campaign video from the antidrug agency of Madrid. In this video you see the making of a coffin and you hear the sound of sniffing cocaine. La cocaína te acerca a la muerte. Cocaine brings you to death....

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  • Holy shit

    By on 1 February 2006

    Holy shit. It’s not always fun having a blog like this. I noticed here before that Brazilian communication-design is very powerful, but sometimes also very rough. Like this one. As drogas matam de várias maneiras The drug kills in...

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  • Adhesive

    By on 25 January 2006

    Adhesives in the bathrooms of the university of Lisbon during a congres about mental and social health and drugaddiction. Mais do que teorias: a realidade. More than theory: reality. Mais do que teorias: a realidade Adesivos simulando viciados se...

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