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  • The seller is honest about this phone. Would you buy it?

    The seller is honest about this phone. Would you buy it?

    By on 2 November 2015

    Some social experiments really miss the point. Others are a direct hit. Like this experiment from Oslo in Norway. Passers-by are approached by sellers with an honest story about a smartphone. The phone is incredible cheap. But it is...

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  • World Wood Day A love poem from humanity to a tree

    A love poem from humanity to a tree

    By on 31 October 2015

    This beautiful poetic short film is made by South African artist company Motif in conjunction with World Wood Day. It is an ode to the tree, or even larger, to wood. It is about role of wood in our lives, our...

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  • Spanish bike commute ad mocks drivers’ daily grind

    By on 28 October 2015

    Generally, when we try to get people out of their cars to walk, cycle, or take public transit to work, we acknowledge that there are people who will never leave their cars at home. No matter how much gas...

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  • Animation Tant de Forêts

    Dead Trees on Dead Trees

    By on 3 October 2015

    This beautiful animation is based on a poem of French poet and screenwriter Jacques Prévert “Tant de forêts”. The poem is about the ironic fact that newspapers warn us about deforestation although they are made of paper themselves. Prévert who dies in...

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  • TINYROADSIGN is an agency self-promotion campaign by CLINIC 212 in Vilnius, Lithuania

    #TINYROADSIGN is the cutest animal welfare campaign of the summer

    By on 30 July 2015

    #TINYROADSIGN is an agency self-promotion campaign by CLINIC 212 in Vilnius, Lithuania. But they decided to use their creative powers for good by raising awareness of urban wildlife that may be crossing city streets. Hedgehogs are a particularly sad victim of...

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  • This water PSA has a surprisingly cool soundtrack

    By on 24 July 2015

    As creative advertising, this YouTube PSA for Safe Water Network is pretty straightforward: A succession of images and statements that show how essential access to clean drinking water is to humanity. Literal, but required reading: The big surprise is the...

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  • Unmarketing billboards provide relief from ads on the highway

    By on 22 July 2015

    If there’s one thing I know about advertising people, it’s that we simultaneously love and hate our industry. What we love is sharing exciting ideas that influence behaviour by inspiring or provoking people in clever ways. What we hate...

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  • Science can change the world these unsung heroes prove

    Science can change the world these unsung heroes prove

    By on 9 July 2015

    This video is part of a storytelling campaign from science-based company DSM. I post it here because of the feel good character. It is about what is happening now. The development in science is going fast for a very long time....

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  • Fossil fuels are a major financial risk and this video from Carbon Tracker shows why

    Fossil fuels are a major financial risk and this video shows why

    By on 6 July 2015

    The Carbon Tracker Initiative, a not for profit financial think tank, translates climate sciences into financial language. The asked agency BEE from Budapest to help take their work one step further: from technical reports targeted at the fossil fuel industry and investment...

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  • Oceancare Plastikmüll im meer

    These plastic creatures can survive in the ocean for centuries

    By on 5 July 2015

    These new print ads are from the ongoing campaign from OceanCare about the plastic soup in the Oceans of the world. It is about the fact that it takes 500 years for plastic to decompose completely. For marine life that...

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