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  • CASE: Break the cycle of violence

    The cycle of violence is perhaps the most difficult to break through

    By on 21 February 2016

    This new video from CASE South Africa is about the reality of violence for the children of the Cape flats in Cape Town. Violence is not what they see on TV only, it is the ever-present world the kids...

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  • Charity Ovarian Cancer Canada cancer charity shows off its #Ladyballs

    Canadian cancer charity shows off its #Ladyballs

    By on 31 January 2016

    It’s a genuinely funny ad, but viewers seem split on whether it’s fighting or promoting a certain kind of sexism. #Ladyballs is an awareness and fundraising campaign for Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC) by Grey4Good, a division of Grey Canada . OCC says that...

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  • #BellLetsTalk Day: Dialogue, Brands, and Microdonations

    By on 27 January 2016

    It’s Bell Let’s Talk Day in Canada, which means that telecommunications giat Bell Canada is promising a 5¢ donation for every text message or long-distance phone call sent on their network, or Tweet with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, or share of...

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  • TrollAid - A way for trolls to directly raise money for refugees

    TrollAid – A way for trolls to directly raise money for refugees

    By on 26 January 2016

    This extremely funny idea comes from Calais Action, the grassroots giving movement supporting refugees in Calais and Europe. They have started with crowdfunding with the name TrollAid. A special action for xenophobic guys who work so hard giving comments like the one above...

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  • Alzheimer’s Research UK wants you to share this film about an orange

    Alzheimer’s Research UK wants you to share this film about an orange

    By on 24 January 2016

    There is actually just one message in this new campaign video from Alzheimer’s Research UK. It is about the claim that dementia is just an inevitable part of ageing. This claim is canceled out by a comparison between the human brain...

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  • Dryathlon Gor dry in January for Cancer Research UK

    Charity wants you to go dry in January to raise money

    By on 23 December 2015

    I have no idea how hard it is not to drink alcohol for one month, I’m always sober in that field. I have the impression that it is quite a task judging from the fact that charity Cancer Research UK...

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  • The story about too much stuff Dave Hakkens

    The story about too much stuff

    By on 13 December 2015

    Remember Annie Leonard telling the Story of Stuff in 2007? For those who can’t remember: it was the famous movie about the materials economy, the fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. A story about the connections between...

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  • Anti-pipeline activists hack the Canadian Dollar

    Anti-pipeline activists hack the Canadian Dollar

    By on 11 December 2015

      The Canadian Dollar Coin is known domestically as the “Loonie” because of the bas-relief image of a great northern loon (designed by Robert-Ralph Carmichael) on its reverse. The loon is somewhat of an icon in parts of Canada in which it is...

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  • Ronald McDonald The GIF That Keeps On Giving

    GIFs are hot, Ronald McDonald knows

    By on 4 December 2015

    Animated GIFs are extremely popular just like the in the ancient internet days. The big social platforms like Twitter and Facebook are now supporting the image format which which contributes to the popularity. Agency Tribal Worldwide Toronto understands that and...

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  • England Footballers and New Zealand All Blacks team up to test their skills against children for Unicef

    Football and rugby players team up to test their skills against children

    By on 30 November 2015

    This fundraising campaign is more playful than previous work from Unicef. No horrible images about refugees and Syria although the question remains the same.  It are the children that matter. Children are hardest hit mostly in an emergency and many face losing...

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