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  • Marie Curie light in the darkest hours

    The nurse is the light in the darkest hours

    By on 12 November 2015

    In a previous campaign Marie Curie illustrated the future of terminal illness in a video animation. In the newest video from the British charity they keep it very close and in the present day. The campaign is called ‘light in the darkest...

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  • What if tigers received a royalty for the products they inspire?

    What if tigers received a royalty for the products they inspire?

    By on 29 October 2015

    The world is full of tiger-inspired products. What if every product sold bearing the iconic tiger stripes generated funds for tiger conservation? Panthera’s Tigers Forever Program worked  together with agency Happiness to raise funds by connecting with companies all over the world....

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  • Hidden Camera: get more in return than giving to charity

    Hidden Camera: get more in return than giving to a charity

    By on 23 October 2015

    Most social experiments fail because they reflect us as bad and unreliable. Which is a true statement in some cases but very ineffective for cause campaigning. This reverse fundraising experiment from Norway is different because it gives hope. The Norwegian...

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  • Blue Cross I Will Survive

    Baxter was afraid, he was petrified. But he will survive.

    By on 4 October 2015

    Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive is the key song in the new campaign from the UK nation wide pet shelter Blue Cross. It’s dog Baxter singing “At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never...

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  • If Surrey Were Syria

    By on 4 September 2015

    It is what the UNHCR showed us with a campaign video from Manhattan. But also very different, and more shocking. The latest campaign from Save The Children comes with a confrontation question: What if the UK were under siege? With the use of...

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  • British Heart Foundation This heartless PSA really hits the heart hard

    This heartless PSA really hits the heart hard

    By on 25 August 2015

    Attention-getting, heartbreaking… that’s for sure. But is it too much pathos without a path forward? That was the question that came to mind after watching this PSA for the British Heart Foundation: I have a son around that age, and...

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  • Mark Horvath Celebrate 20 Years of Sobriety by Combating Homelessness

    Celebrate 20 Years of Sobriety with Combating Homelessness

    By on 9 August 2015

    If you know Mark Horvath then there is nothing else to say than watch the video above and donate. Because it’s worth every penny (or dollar cent). Never heard about Mark? Where have you been recent years? You can make it...

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  • Doctors of the world make a child cry

    Doctors of the world needs money to get a child crying

    By on 12 July 2015

    One simple twist in a visual or copy is often used technique in traditional advertising. It makes you stand out. And it can still work proves this campaign from the Doctors of the World (Médecins du Monde). It’s a fact that children...

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  • Asociacion Amigos de los Bomberos Voluntarios Firefighters Peru Go Naked For Fundraising

    The firefighters in Peru have to go naked to raise money

    By on 14 May 2015

    In Peru the firefighter department isn’t funded by the government.  All the firefighters in Peru are volunteers, and the only way to finance their teams is through donations. This is why Quorum Saatchi & Saatchi in Lima came up with...

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  • Grim Reaper Sings the Song About Water for Unicef

    Grim Reaper Sings the Song About Water

    By on 16 April 2015

    To many children die of diseases caused by waterborne diseases. UNICEF was desperate and asked for help to the man with the scythe. Grim Reaper came with this song straight from the Swedish tundra to donate for purifying water.

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