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  • Defacing violence against women

    Defacing violence against women

    By on 16 November 2016

    This smart guerilla action by a group of creatives in Chicago, USA, starts with a simple insight – if we think it’s OK to deface posters of women with sexist and violent grafitti, what does that imply about how society sees violence against...

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  • Activists put warning labels on racist costumes

    By on 20 October 2016

    BuzzFeed reports that a Canadian group, Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism (SCAR), has been running a guerrilla campaign against a Halloween retailer selling costumes that promote offensive stereotypes of Indigenous peoples. The group targeted a Spirit Halloween location in Regina, affixing...

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  • VPOTUS Joe Biden goes undercover for consent

    By on 6 October 2016

    It’s not easy for older authority figures to reach youth through digital media, but Vice President Of The United States Joe Biden is giving it the old college try. In this video for Funny Or Die, the VPOTUS teams...

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  • Italian government declares #FertilityDay

    By on 16 September 2016

    “Beauty has no age. Fertility does.” That’s the message of this social media campaign by the government of Italy, intended to combat the country’s plummeting birthrate. This one says, “Aging and childbearing : the risks of delaying the happy...

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  • Pride Fries Acart Communications

    Would you like some Pride with that? #PrideFries

    By on 16 August 2016

    This is my own team’s work, but it was so much fun to make I just had to share here: As a downtown Ottawa agency, Acart Communications is located in what is now known as “The Village” — the...

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  • #SKYBALLS exposes Britain to a giant flying scrotum

    By on 2 August 2016

    Not much to say about this one. Just as some organizations use our fascination about breasts and bums to get us talking about forms of cancer that affect those regions of the body, the UK’s Male Cancer Awareness Campaign (MCAC) likes...

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  • Australian Sex Party Makes A Anti-Catholic Jingle

    Australian Sex Party Makes A Toe-Tapping Anti-Catholic Jingle

    By on 26 June 2016

    This is about as irreverent as they come. The Australian Sex Party, which despite its name has a broad civil liberties agenda, recently fired a blasphemous shot across the bow of one of the world’s most powerful religious institutions: The Roman...

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  • Jew in the City Skin Gap

    The Other Gender Inequality: The Skin Gap

    By on 13 June 2016

    There is a strange and unnatural rhythm in this video. It is not tasty but it touches it and that’s enough for me in this case. Because it is a nice approach to a contemporary theme in the field of Gender Equality. There’s...

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  • Where are all the #LGBTSuperheroes?

    By on 1 June 2016

    The mainstreaming of LGBT people is becoming less and less controversial these days in western democracies. (Although we all have a whole lot more wok to do with the “T”) And as art imitates life, the entertainment industry is...

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  • Selling shock to prevent teen pregnancy? Does that ever work?

    By on 30 May 2016

    Just because you have a clever art direction idea, doesn’t mean you need to act on it. This campaign, by Sparkling México for Save The Children, is one of those situations. It’s shocking and attention-getting, sure. But was it the...

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