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What does the wolverine say?

Posted by Tom Megginson | 26-09-2014 21:15 | Category: Government

Canada's Banff National Park: What does the wolverine say?

This bizarre video, promoting Canada’s Banff National Park, has been making the rounds of Canadian media:

Parks Canada
Huffington Post Canada

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New Zealand’s rivers, oceans and public conservation land is up for sale

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 5-08-2014 15:00 | Category: Environment, Government

Forest & Bird: New Zealand’s rivers, oceans and public conservation land is up for sale.

Forest & Bird: New Zealand’s rivers, oceans and public conservation land is up for sale.

New Zealand’s rivers, oceans and public conservation land is up for sale to the highest bidder, and Forest & Bird wants to stop it. The New Zealand government is currently selling exploitation rights to 925,200 hectares of conservation and private land, and more than 39 million hectares of ocean, through an international tender process. 

Forest & Bird is a ngo that wanted to bring to the attention of the New Zealand voting public (its election year in New Zealand) that the government had put large amounts of public land and oceans have been put “on the block” for companies to tender for to prospect for minerals, fossil fuels and oil. Also through a large government irrigation subsidy the New Zealand freshwater is also being sold to commercial interests.

Graphic Designer Marie Holdaway made the campaign pro bono in eye-catching, legible and authentic ‘real estate’ billboard designs.

Marie Holdaway: “I’m sure we’re all aware that most real estate signs are more about catching your eye and screaming ‘FOR SALE!!!’ than they are about beautiful pieces of art, so I thought it was important that these billboards mimicked the in-your-face, bold and bright real estate property signs in order for the message to be conveyed strongly.
I designed 11 billboards all up, which are erected throughout New Zealand and photos of them shared on Forest and Bird’s social media accounts, encouraging people to print their own billboards and share them on their social accounts.”

Official campaign video:

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Why are houses collapsing in Egypt?

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 21-06-2014 20:59 | Category: Government, Homelessness

Why are houses collapsing in Egypt?

EIPR, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, recently launched an interactive website egyptbuildingcollapses.org which visualises data and analysis gathered over the course of one year, July 2012 to June 2013, documenting 392 residential building collapses which resulted in 192 deaths and 824 families made homeless.

The preliminary findings have shown that in-spite of a battery of laws that regulate, in much detail, construction and building maintenance, the lax enforcement of these laws by government authorities has led to the periodic occurrence of disastrous collapses. These unchecked actions have been responsible for 52% of collapses, in addition to a staggering 90% of deaths and 65% of the families made homeless.

EIPR’s aim is to get both authorities and residents to take these building collapses more seriously, and work towards curbing such social and material loss.

It’s the power of data visualisation which make complex information accessible for many people. The Tactical Technology Collective made the visualisation for EIPR.
EIPR also make a blog with stories about individual accidents.

See the visualisation here.

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The Scottish Government wants you to share your dirty little secrets

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 18-06-2014 09:45 | Category: Environment, Government

The Scottish Government wants you to share your dirty little secrets in this littering campaign.

This new campaign from the Scottish Government exposes the shame of Scotland’s dirtiest little secret of all…littering.  A very funny campaign with authentic lead actors who speak the beautiful Scots tongue that outsiders barely understand. Play the video’s just a couple of times and it will all be much clearer.

Some of our wee flaws come along including the dirtiest secrets. And the Scottish Government wants to beat some of the filthy ones.

The campaign is running across online, cinema, TV, outdoor and all social media channels including Spotify and primarily targeted at 16-24 year olds. There’s even an interactive booth that will be touring the country to encourage them to share their dirty little secrets.

Greener Scotland
The Leith Agency

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Code Red - Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign

Posted by Adam Valvasori | 29-04-2014 00:16 | Category: Activism, Government, Health

Ambulance Employees Australia of Victoria: Code Red - Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign.

We can’t help looking at ambulances. It’s a morbid, human-rubber-neck-nature thing I suppose. The high speeds, flashing lights and sirens aren’t bad attention grabbers either. That’s why the Code Red campaign by the Ambulance Employees Association of Victoria is doing a great job at getting under Premier Dennis Napthine and the Victorian Government’s skin. For the last 20 months on the streets across the State of Victoria, Australia, the majority of ambulances you pass or that speed past you have hand written, activist messages asking for better pay and working conditions for ambulance crews (affectionately known as “Ambos” in the local slang).

Check out some examples below, curated from their Code Red Facebook page. What do you think? Are the messages a pleasant surprise which connects you with the plight of the Ambos inside or do you feel it is inappropriate to deface these serious, life-saving vehicles with industrial action messages? Would this tactic change your vote?

Ambulance Employees Australia of Victoria: Code Red - Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign.

Ambulance Employees Australia of Victoria: Code Red - Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign.

Ambulance Employees Australia of Victoria: Code Red - Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign.

more images (and opinion) inside the full article...

Ambulance Employees Australia of Victoria

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The third option in the gun debate is just funny

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 4-03-2014 22:00 | Category: Government, Violence

Evolve - The Bill of Rights for Dumbasses.

The American gun debate is one that I will never understand as European. ‘Gun ownership is prohibited unless’ it is what we believe in. The American debate is rather defensive. A conversation that has been gridlocked for decades.

Evolve, the gun responsibility organization, brings a new option to force an opening. They are promoting responsible choices about gun safety behaviors in America. That’s why they launched their first ad campaign.

The campaign – based on the line “It’s the right to bear arms, not the right to be a dumbass” – highlights a number of outrageous examples of careless gun use. They ask gun owners to take action and to sign their code. In order to capture that they are not a dumbass.

The funny video portrays Thomas Jefferson and other political leaders and statesmen debating the language of the Second Amendment. After a heated debate, the group decides to remove a crucial “as long as you’re not a dumbass about it” caveat to the amendment.

Rebecca Bond, Co-Founder of Evolve: “Safety is not a side. Gun owners and non-gun owners live with guns in this country, and we should all be able to have a collaborative conversation about how to think about gun safety. Humor can be a gateway to taking away the defensiveness that is the legacy of these discussions.  We hope to put this conversation on the kitchen table and start talking about it.”

The campaign is indeed funny. But is still based on ‘Gun ownership is permitted unless’. And then I quit.

Saatchi & Saatchi New York

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Crimestoppers UK does reverse pickpocketing: #putpockets

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 24-01-2014 15:30 | Category: Government, Violence

Crimestoppers UK does reverse pickpocketing: #putpockets

Crimestoppers has launched a campaign entitled ‘#putpockets’ to highlight the dangers and raise awareness of pickpocketing across the UK.

This integrated campaign produced by agency OgilvyOne UK, includes footage of sleight of hand experts, including a former pickpocket and magician, sliding cards into people’s pockets and bags to highlight how easy it is to be a victim of this crime.
The cards were shaped in the style of everyday items we are likely to carry in our pockets or bags, including smartphones, tablets and wallets, carrying the message that if someone can get something into your bag, they can also get something out.

Crimestoppers UK
OgilvyOne UK

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Urinating in public is forbidden in the country of Little Man Pee

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 14-01-2014 19:45 | Category: Government

Vlasmarkt Gent - Wildplassen is niet kinky

This campaign is about the nuisance in the nightlife district in Ghent, Belgium. To promote liveability and partygoers are the target audience. The campaign is built around five themes: noise nuisance, parking problems, urination, excessive drinking and litter.

The campaign includes ten different posters, beer mats and button pins.
A unique perspective and slogan was developed with a reference to an individual catering business.

The style is the famous Flemish comic tradition, full of humor. And almost untranslatable. That’s too bad for you because the copy makes this campaign really fun.

The first poster is clear and translatable:
“Urinating in public isn’t kinky”
(with the reference to Music Club Kinkystar)

Urinating in public is forbidden in many countries of course, not only in Belgium :-)

Stad Gent
What’s in a name

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Fresh Air by Dupé

Posted by Adam Valvasori | 5-11-2013 16:30 | Category: Consumerism, Corporate Social Responsibility, Government, Health

Fresh Air by Dupé

That’s right! You don’t need to worry about bothersome pollution anymore! At long last you can buy your own personal, clean, organic air in an easy to transport jar thanks to Dupé. Other innovative lifestyle products on offer at this new chic, pop-up store in Melbourne, Australia include:

  • Good vibrations (snack sized)
  • Moonlight (bottled in February)
  • Bona Fide Well Wishing (selected from the sweetest monks at the highest intellectual planes.)
  • Eco-friendly Little Rays of Sunshine (Available in two sizes!)

Watch the video:


Yarra Valley Water

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Ross Kemp in dramatic warning against London fire service cuts

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 20-09-2013 19:30 | Category: Government

Ross Kemp in dramatic warning against London fire service cuts

Documentary maker Ross Kemp has joined the fight to save ten London fire stations from closure by accusing Mayor Boris Johnson of lying about the impact of his planned cuts that will lead to slower fire engine response times for four million Londoners.

In this campaign film, Kemp calls the Mayor to account for misleading Londoners in three key statements about the fire station closures and plans to cut 580 front line fire service jobs.  “Every Second Counts” shows a domestic living room on fire and warns that fire fighters will not be able to get to fires as quickly as they do now if the cuts go ahead.

Ross Kemp: “London is not safe in Boris Johnson’s hands.  Like all Londoners, I am angry about these cuts. Boris cannot seriously tell us that closing fire stations won’t put people’s lives at risk. Before Boris Johnson was re-elected in 2012 he promised there would be ‘absolutely no reduction in fire cover’ if he won and within a few months, without any shame, he announced the cuts.”

Paul Embery, London FBU (Fire Brigades’ Union) Regional Secretary:  “Ross’s film will be very uncomfortable viewing for Boris Johnson.  We are asking everyone who is angry and worried about the fire station closures to get involved in our campaign and sign the petitions against the closures.  The Mayor tries to use his jokey style to avoid the fact that fire and rescue services will get to emergencies more slowly in the future because of his cuts. He claims that fire deaths are ‘steadily’ declining and that more parts of London will get a Fire Brigade response within the target attendance times, but both of these claims are untrue.“

Petitions against the closures can be found on the Government’s e-petition site and on the 38 Degrees site.

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