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  • You Can't Ask That Suicide Attempt Survivors

    Suicide attempt survivors answer questions you’d never ask in person

    By on 22 April 2017

    Tonight on #YouCantAskThat, brave suicide attempt survivors speak frankly about their struggles, hoping to change how we talk about suicide. — ABC TV Australia (@ABCTV) April 19, 2017 Actually, this is not a psa but an advertisement for...

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  • UNISON 15 Minute Care Makeover

    Spoof TV: 15 Minute Care Makeover

    By on 21 April 2017

    UNISON, one of the UK’s largest trade unions, found out that nearly two-thirds of councils in England and Wales are still commissioning 15-minute care visits. How ridiculous little that is shows the union in this recently launched satirical sketch. The two-minute...

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  • Flemish Alzheimer’s League I'm still here

    People with early-onset dementia recorded their finest memories

    By on 15 April 2017

    This new campaign from the Flemish Alzheimer’s League is actually a recording and transmitting device for people with early-onset dementia. They launched a special website named Ikbenernog (I’m still here) on which anyone can leave a memory for their loved ones in the form...

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  • Testicular Cancer Foundation New Zealand #GOBALLSOUT

    Foundation calls on young men to ‘Go Balls Out’

    By on 4 April 2017

    This is the second post with balls in a row. This is no coincidence because in many countries there are currently awareness weeks about testicular cancer. The video in the previous post was made by doctors for a small...

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  • German urologists ask to play the ultimate handball - Testicular Cancer - Hodenkrebs

    German urologists asks men to play the ultimate handball

    By on 3 April 2017

    This nice and funny video isn’t made by a fancy advertising agency or viral company. It was conceived and created by German Urologists. They made it with love for the cause because they know first hand (…) how important the...

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  • Mother London exposes a massive breast for UK Mothers Day #FreeTheFeed

    By on 27 March 2017

    There it is, lurking like Rover from The Prisoner: A massive inflatable human breast, complete with 3-D areola. For once, though, this novelty boob wasn’t a “look at me!” stunt for breast cancer charities. This one was all about...

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  • X-Hamster Redirects to Sex Education

    Porn site would rather you get your sex ed elsewhere

    By on 3 March 2017

    The Salt Lake Tribune reports that when the State Legislature of Utah, USA, voted against adopting a comprehensive sex education program (to replace their abstinence-only curriculum) porn site xHamster decided to step in. On the week of February 6, xHamster began redirecting web traffic...

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  • Scottish Government - Cervical Cancer Screening Campaign

    Scottish call to nip cervical cancer in the bud

    By on 9 February 2017

    Fruit and flowers as a visual metaphor in social advertising, it is often done. Which makes you giggle or blush mostly. Like this call for self examiniation, thinking of ( • )( • ) for cancer awareness or fruit labels for breastfeeding advocacy. A flower...

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  • New successful abortion fund began with a single tweet

    New successful abortion fund began with a single tweet

    By on 29 January 2017

    This video is the result of a remarkable spontaneous action which began with a tweet last week. It was a reaction on Donald Trump’s far-reaching anti-abortion measure, which cuts the 575 million funding of NGO’s that support women in lower-income countries...

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  • What if people in the tobacco industry would speak the truth out loud

    What if people in the tobacco industry would speak the truth out loud

    By on 24 January 2017

    “What if people in the tobacco industry would speak the truth out loud…” That’s what happens in a short film called “A Deadly Serious Matter.” In this film people working at a tobacco company have fun with each other joking...

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