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Cancer hospital hard at work putting itself out of business

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 30-05-2014 13:00 | Category: Health

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance hard at work putting itself out of business with prevention campaign Do One Thing

The goal of each charity is to make themselves redundant. That’s why we call them non-profit.
That a for-profit hospital tries the same is remarkable.

The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is spending a third of its 2014 budget for shrinking its target market. Do do it with the prevention campaign Do One Thing. It promotes cancer risk-reducing lifestyle changes that people, especially adults 45+ and especially women, can make on their own, without participation in any hospital program.

Just do one thing is the overall message. You don’t have to change everything. You don’t have to do everything. Every day, pick one healthy thing, and do it.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Frank Unlimited, Seattle

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Poignant voiceover remind us that nobody is immune from the pain of a sick child

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 23-05-2014 12:00 | Category: Fundraising, Health


‘A Sick Child Affects Everyone’ is the a new emotionally charged fundraising campaign for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Three TV ads and three radio ads bring us the painful journey experienced by parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family and friends caring for a sick child.

“There is no book for this” the father thinks in the second TV ad. It’s almost a feeling of helplessness and a donation can soften it slightly.

Stephen Forgacs from BC Children’s Hospital Foundation explains: “There’s no question that a child’s illness has a tremendous impact on the people around them. This impact extends well beyond immediate family and into communities across the province. In supporting our hospital, donors touch the lives of thousands of people well beyond the hospital walls; agency DARE realistically captured the journey of family and friends affected by a sick child through this campaign.”

The TV and radio campaign is now live and will run throughout the year.  Print ads will appear from June.

BC Children's Hospital Foundation
DARE Vancouver

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In England they hook into the World Cup with iconic blood

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 22-05-2014 19:30 | Category: Health, Sport

NHS Blood and Transplant. Lee Dixon as Terry Butcher.

The British NHS Blood and Transplant is asking new and existing donors to give blood and be part of the Greatest Team in the World to help maintain healthy blood stocks for patients throughout the busy summer months.

The number of people donating blood often falls during the summer and this year’s football World Cup may present even more of a distraction. During a previous international football tournament, the number of blood donations collected on England football match days fell by up to 5%, and up to 12% on the day following an England match.

To help raise awareness of the ongoing need for blood, former England footballer Lee Dixon and sports presenter Adrian Chiles have recreated iconic football images. Adrian Chiles has imitated Stuart Pearce’s famous penalty celebration during the Euro ‘96 quarter-final shoot-out against Spain at Wembley. Lee Dixon has reinvented himself as Terry Butcher who memorably played on, despite an injury, during the 1989 World Cup Qualifier in Stockholm.

NHS Blood and Transplant

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Food Porn Index Highlights the Imbalance in Food-Related Social Discussions

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 7-05-2014 20:30 | Category: Health, Media

Food Porn Index Highlights the Imbalance in Food-Related Social Discussions

‘Food Porn’ is a known term to social media channels. 30% of Americans who use social media define the term “food porn” as a visual of food. It’s the practice of photographing, posting and socializing about one’s meals and snacks.

The California based Bolthouse Farms mission is to change the way people consume healthy foods and beverages. Because of their presence on various channels they saw that fruits and vegetables are severely under-represented within ‘Food Porn’. To visualize this, they came up with The Food Porn Index.

The Index monitors social media conversations and mentions of key foods highlighted as a hashtag, and tracks them in the appropriate categories represented within the Index. 24 total food categories are currently tracked.
The program constantly monitors hashtag posts of the Index’s food categories on public Twitter and Instagram feeds and updates every 15 minutes. The result is a healthy vs unhealthy page.
Currently they tracked 270 million food hashtags. The imbalance today is 32,4% healthy vs 67.6% unhealthy hashtags.

Food Porn Index Highlights the Imbalance in Food-Related Social Discussions

Bolthouse Farms
Tiny Rebellion

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Code Red - Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign

Posted by Adam Valvasori | 29-04-2014 01:16 | Category: Activism, Government, Health

Ambulance Employees Australia of Victoria: Code Red - Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign.

We can’t help looking at ambulances. It’s a morbid, human-rubber-neck-nature thing I suppose. The high speeds, flashing lights and sirens aren’t bad attention grabbers either. That’s why the Code Red campaign by the Ambulance Employees Association of Victoria is doing a great job at getting under Premier Dennis Napthine and the Victorian Government’s skin. For the last 20 months on the streets across the State of Victoria, Australia, the majority of ambulances you pass or that speed past you have hand written, activist messages asking for better pay and working conditions for ambulance crews (affectionately known as “Ambos” in the local slang).

Check out some examples below, curated from their Code Red Facebook page. What do you think? Are the messages a pleasant surprise which connects you with the plight of the Ambos inside or do you feel it is inappropriate to deface these serious, life-saving vehicles with industrial action messages? Would this tactic change your vote?

Ambulance Employees Australia of Victoria: Code Red - Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign.

Ambulance Employees Australia of Victoria: Code Red - Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign.

Ambulance Employees Australia of Victoria: Code Red - Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign.

more images (and opinion) inside the full article...

Ambulance Employees Australia of Victoria

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Autism message speaks through brand ads in brilliant CSR partnership

Posted by Tom Megginson | 28-04-2014 18:30 | Category: Health

Autism message speaks through brand ads in brilliant CSR partnership

The hardest thing for a PSA to do is to stand out in a crowd of commercial ads that are much better funded, placed and produced. BBDO NY and charity Autism Speaks decided instead to follow the classic advice “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

This series of ads begins with a PSA, then continues through ads by major consumer brands Band-Aid, Campbell’s and AT&T. Please, try to forget the unfortunate spoiler line in the intro, and try to imagine yourself seeing this commercial break while watching CNN (on which it premiered):

Autism Speaks
BBDO New York

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“I Touch Myself” finds new life as a PSA

Posted by Tom Megginson | 15-04-2014 18:11 | Category: Health

I Touch Myself PSA

You remember the song. If not from its endless radio play in 1990, then from the “Fembots” scene in Austin Powers. It’s “a song that celebrates female sexuality like no other,” according to itouchmyself.org, a charity established to carry on the wish of the song’s late singer, Chrissy Amphlett, that it find a second life as an awareness campaign for breast self-examination.

Chrissy Amphlett died almost exactly a year ago of breast cancer. In her memory, ten Australian women singers carry the melody from one to another in a beautiful and haunting tribute:


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A hearing test disguised as a mobile game

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 15-04-2014 15:40 | Category: Health

Bekol: Sonar Invasion, a mobile game which is also a hidden hearing test.

Not only old people suffer from hearing deficiencies. 10% of the Israeli population has hearing problems according to Bekol, the Organization of Hard of Hearing and Deaf People.
They wanted to raise awareness to the issue, but had a hard time reaching the target audience. The solution was to use a medium young adults use most, their smartphones.

The came with Sonar Invasion, a mobile game which is also a hidden hearing test.
Using headphones, users were invited to listen and work out where the enemy torpedoes trying to destroy the submarine are coming from.

At the end of the game, users had a surprise coming: without realizing it, during the game they underwent a hidden hearing test which was developed in association with Bekol. If a hearing problem was detected the player was directed to call Bekol’s helpline directly from within the game.

Download the app here (iPhone).

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Israel

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Notes From The Last HIV Generation

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 8-04-2014 20:59 | Category: Health

Notes From The Last HIV Generation

This amazing project called The Last HIV Generation is a New York-based awareness campaign aimed at stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS.
There are solutions to stop the virus. The use of condoms is the most obvious. And there’s Truvada, a drug used for the treatment of HIV. And more will come.
Therefore the people behind this new project declares that we are The Last HIV Generation.

Collecting notes from all over the world is the idea. Write a note to someone who has been affected by HIV/AIDS. Messages will be documented on the campaign website and placed in The Last HIV Generation time capsule, set to be buried August 15th.

Notes From The Last HIV Generation

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20 guys get a wax below the belt

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 2-04-2014 15:00 | Category: Health

Testicular Cancer Canada: 20 guys get a wax below the belt to raise awareness for Testicular Cancer.

How do you get young guys to expose their balls and check them regularly for testicular cancer? Host a party and challenge them to get waxed to bring the issue into the broad light of day.
Agencies Crush and BBDO took the image for Testicular Cancer Canada in a hilarious way.

It is another check your balls campaign. Despite that, awareness of testicular cancer is low. But this is perhaps one that impresses.

Testicular cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer for males between the ages of 15-29 but it is also the most treatable if caught early.

I would opt for the razor anyway…

Testicular Cancer Canada
Glossy Inc.

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