Hen House for Rent. For Students.

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 26-03-2014 10:15 | Category: Homelessness

Gent: Kot te huur. Ghent: Hen House for Rent.

A campaign that is difficult to translate because spoken language is being used.
As the agency explains in English:
“For all the homedogs, lovebirds and tasty hens out there: students in Ghent deserve decent dorms with proper sanitation.”

It is a campaign for students in the city of Ghent, and the university in same city in Belgium. For those who are looking for a student room. Because finding a room is a problem every year.
The campaign is also an indictment against slum landlords. It is launched today.

City of Ghent
What’s in a name

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Don’t Let Their Stories End on The Streets

Posted by Tatjana Vukic | 18-03-2014 20:38 | Category: Homelessness

This is the proof that the street art can do good! The Campaign for Depaul UK made by Publicis, London breaks the thin line between good Advertising and Art. The street Artvertising, a graffiti-inspired campaign dedicated to helping the homeless, brings the message with true stories right to the street, right to the people.. Very powerful! (more after the pic)


Depaul UK

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Struggling Single Moms Take Over Celebrity News

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 16-01-2014 17:00 | Category: Fundraising, Homelessness, Poverty, Women's Issues

As a society we’re completely obsessed with celebrity culture, meanwhile, some single mothers struggle every day just to provide the basics for their children.
To raise awareness and support for WoodGreen Community Services’ “Homeward Bound” program, DDB Canada Toronto has launched a provocative campaign that prompts people to care about those living in poverty as much as they care about celebrities.

The program helps homeless or inadequately-housed single mothers earn a tuition-paid college diploma, start a career and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Denise Rossetto, executive creative director at DDB Canada: “Our creative is a parody of popular celebrity media culture, but instead of celebrity-focused stories, it features hard-hitting headlines about struggling single mothers and the real hardships they face each day.  Learning about celebrities is fun, but we want people to recognize that there are many others who are in greater need of our attention and support.”


WoodGreen Community Services
DDB Canada

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Homeless captured with ‘other’ problems

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 6-01-2014 21:20 | Category: Homelessness

First World Problems Homeless

We’ve had enough debate on the term ‘First World Problems’. I will not do it again.
It is the title of this photo series from Evoke, a Dutch creative collective.

They did a photoshoot together with local homeless people, capturing them in situations that will hopefully evoke some thought.

More photo’s here.


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Amazing Posters: A Home For Everyone

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 12-12-2013 20:35 | Category: Design, Homelessness

A Home For Everyone

The quality of the work submitted for the poster for tomorrow project is getting better and better. The most recent project A Home for Everyone is stunning.
The goal of the poster for tomorrow project is to make posters to stimulate debate on issues that affect us all.

A Home for Everyone is the 5th annual project. It’s about the universal right to housing.

From all entries, I chose five.
See all entries including the ten best here. You’ll love it.

Above: “Le plus grand hôtel de Paris” from Rousseau Fabien, France.

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The Christmas campaign about people who have been out of luck

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 6-12-2013 21:40 | Category: Abuse, Fundraising, Homelessness, Poverty

Heilsarmee Schweiz - For people who have been out of luck - Für Menschen, die vom Glück verlassen warden - Christmas campaign

This is the well-known Christmas campaign from the Swiss Salvation Army. It’s already the third year of the campaign.
The main difference with previous years is that the fundraising campaign now includes a TV spot.

For people who have been out of luck (Für Menschen, die vom Glück verlassen wurden) shows the two sides a face. A happy and an unhappy side.

The spot is made without a single cut and shows the gradual decline of a successful person. The Salvation Army is always there, whatever the side of the face looks like.

Heilsarmee Schweiz
Spinas Civil Voices

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Giving is good for you. But will that make you give?

Posted by Reuben Turner | 19-11-2013 22:33 | Category: Fundraising, Health, Homelessness

This new campaign from homeless charity Crossroads by specialist healthcare agency Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness aims to engage New Yorkers to give not because it’s good for homeless people, but for themselves. After all, we all know that supporting charities helps us feel less stressed, more connected, and can ultimately help us live longer, happier lives.


But is that why we do it? In my experience, people are in an altruistic, emotional and often impulsive state when they give. Not a considered, self-interested one. That’s what I think. What do you think?

PS: As an aside, a cynic might say that only a campaign from the US would ask what homeless people can do for you, and not the other way around.

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

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Salvation Army Canada use house numbers of homeless

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 23-10-2013 22:45 | Category: Homelessness

Salvation Army Canada. No one should have to call the streets home. Give hope to the homeless.

Nice campaign from the Salvation Army in Canada. They wants to let Canadians know that no one should have to live on the streets. For that they use house numbers with their tagline: “No one should have to call the streets home. Give hope to the homeless.”
They did this by placing typical neighborhood home address signs in a variety of public places where people normally eat, talk, read, relax, wait for the bus, or just hang out.

Matt Litzinger, Co-Chief Creative Officer from Cossette, the agency behind the campaign: “The problem with homelessness is that it’s often easy to ignore. We wanted to jolt the public by putting messages in places – and in a manner – that would surprise them. Then we continue to turn that communications experience on its head by telling our audience that these same locations are also places that street people call home.”

The Salvation Army Canada

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#HomelessTurkey tweets feed turkeys & people alike

Posted by Claire | 10-10-2013 23:00 | Category: Homelessness

Thanksgiving is a natural opportunity for turkey-related charitable campaigns, and here’s the latest project to gobble-up Twitter’s attention: Toronto’s Good Shepherd Ministries & creative agency BlackJet Inc. have launched the #HomelessTurkey campaign to coincide with Canadian Thanksgiving (October 14) .


Every use of the #HomelessTurkey hashtag on Twitter from October 9 to 11th will prompt a seed-dispenser to release tasty chow to three turkeys at a farm in South-Central Ontario. The trough is controlled by a USB relay searching Twitter for instances of the hashtag.

Don’t worry – These turkeys are not being fattened up for feasting, they’ve been spared from Thanksgiving slaughter. You can watch the turkeys chow down on the livestream here: www.homelessturkey.com

For every 1000 tweets of #HomelessTurkey, 10 turkeys will be donated by an anonymous sponsor to help Good Shepherd feed over 1500 guests for Thanksgiving dinner.


A pop-up video display at Queen & Soho St. in Toronto helps promote the hashtag, with a street team from the Ministry on hand for public outreach. There’s also some cute tweet support happening from @GoodshepherdTO:

After the first 24hours of the campaign the feed bowl is overflowing! What happens to these birds after they’re no longer internet stars? They’re off to a petting zoo for “turkey retirement”.

Good Shepherd Ministries

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The Reality of Homelessness with InstaWeather

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 25-08-2013 22:20 | Category: Homelessness

Fundación gente de la Calle (People of the streets Foundation) - InstaWeather - Reality has no filters - realidad no tiene filtro

Smart to use the rising star amongst smartphone apps in this campaign from the Chilean Fundación gente de la Calle (People of the streets Foundation). It’s the harsh view with InstaWeather, the app which combines Instagram with current weather conditions.

The tagline therefore is a bit confusing. ‘Reality has no filters’ refers to the famous Instagram color filter. Which makes real life looks like paradise. But the weather notation is real. More real when you are homeless.

The main objective of this campaign is to generate awareness for new members, volunteers and donations from both individuals and companies.

The foundation is on Instagram too.

Fundación gente de la Calle (People of the streets Foundation)
Mayo Draft Fcb, Santiago, Chile
Ads of the World

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