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  • The Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness - Toronto For All

    The Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness address NIMBYism

    By on 1 May 2017

    This campaign from The Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness (TAEH) was launched last week and received a lot of attention from Canadian national press although it’s a local campaig. Perhaps this is because of the approach that responds to the...

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  • Doctors of the World Reality Christmas Cards

    Reality Christmas cards

    By on 23 December 2016

    What does the idealised Christmas of the middle east really look like? Like these ‘reality christmas cards’ from Doctors of the World, which juxtapose traditional scenes with real press photographs. Tough. And True. Source: Creative Review Agency: McCann London

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  • Berlin City Guide to Help

    Smart map for homeless people to get through the cold winter days

    By on 19 January 2016

    This copy of the well known underground map from London is reused in perfect way by the Berliner Stadtmission. It’s a shout to all people in Berlin about the circumstances of homeless people in the winter. Like in many...

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  • Back On My Feet Los Angeles

    Homeless people back on their feet with running

    By on 4 November 2015

    I’m very excited about this project. Maybe because I know the feeling of euphoria of running. It was a new world for me when I started two ago, discovering a free spirit through running. That could be part of the idea behind...

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  • Hoe help je een dakloze? Drink gewoon een kop koffie

    Just a cup of coffee and a walk

    By on 26 October 2015

    Solving the problem of homelessness takes a while. Why do not we start with just a cup of coffee? Or tea of course. Or a hot meal. It is just that simple. This idea comes from Ritzo ten Cate from the...

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  • Mark Horvath Celebrate 20 Years of Sobriety by Combating Homelessness

    Celebrate 20 Years of Sobriety with Combating Homelessness

    By on 9 August 2015

    If you know Mark Horvath then there is nothing else to say than watch the video above and donate. Because it’s worth every penny (or dollar cent). Never heard about Mark? Where have you been recent years? You can make it...

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  • Help the homeless on their period

    Help the homeless on their period #TheHomelessPeriod

    By on 12 May 2015

    Homeless women have limited or no access to sanitary products like tampons and towels. Oli, Josie, and Sara, interns who met at a London advertising agency were shocked by this fact and started #TheHomelessPeriod. This initiative believes that tampons and towels...

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  • Raising the Roof - Homeless people read mean tweets

    Homeless people read mean tweets

    By on 29 March 2015

    Watch as people living with homelessness read mean tweets about homelessness. Be careful not to lose faith in humanity. What I learned from Mark Horvath, the man behind Invisible People, is that anyone can become homeless regardless of race, ancestry...

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  • Acción Humanitatis: Gimme Shelter: Made to resist inequality

    Gimme Shelter: Made to resist inequality

    By on 5 March 2015

    Spring is coming but Winter has been hard for those living on the streets.  In Spain, non-profit organization Acción Humanitatis is providing a new kind of shelter with a garment created by costume designer Matías Zanotti with features and functions to help homeless people...

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  • Haircuts Transform Homeless

    Haircuts Transform Homeless

    By on 9 February 2015

    The people from Toolbox Productions went to skid row in downtown LA and gave out free haircuts to a few homeless. What’s The Difference between you and them is the question asked after the transformations. It is a nice little reminder how...

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