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Human Rights

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  • Anne goes rogue for abortion rights in PEI

    Anne goes rogue for abortion rights in PEI #iamkarats

    By on 30 January 2016

    Anne of Green Gables, the fictional character first published by Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908, has become an icon of Canadian children’s literature and a major tourist draw for the province of Prince Edward Island (PEI). In the books, Anne...

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  • Migrant workers respond to comments made by Singaporeans

    Migrant workers respond to comments about them

    By on 23 January 2016

    Familiar Strangers is a campaign to both collect and share the stories of low-wage migrant workers in Singapore. Last week, the came up with this video which can be seen as a variation on Homeless people read mean tweets from...

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  • MIA borders

    The most creative video about the refugee crisis is made by M.I.A.

    By on 27 November 2015

    Rapper, songwriter, painter, director and social activist M.I.A. (Missing in Action) just released her new song Borders. The matching video is instantly the most powerful and creative piece about the refugee crisis. She sings: The video and the lyrics...

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  • Undressing Disability: Speaking up for sexual needs

    By on 12 November 2015

    Much of the social discourse about advertising involves the inappropriate sexualization of people in ads, especially women. But what if a group of people actually asks you to sexualize them? That’s the message behind Undressing Disability, a new campaign...

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  • Human Rights Explained In A Beautiful Two Minute Animation

    By on 20 October 2015

    Somewhat nonchalant yet clear, that is the voice from english actor Tim Key telling us what Human Rights are. It is about the values which help keep our society fair, just and equal. Our regular website visitors know that it is one of our...

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  • Syria: Turn the lights back on.

    In Aleppo, 97 percent of the lights have gone out

    By on 7 October 2015

    The stunning simplicity of an animated gif which clarifies the horrors in Syria. That is what Amnesty International UK did with pictures from the Wuhan University in China. Scientists analysed satellite images spanning the four years of crisis in Syria. Their study...

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  • Actionaid If you were a refugee what would you take?

    If you were a refugee what would you take?

    By on 24 September 2015

    Millions of refugees are currently fleeing their homes in Syria in what is the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. In the midst of the media frenzy and the heated debate over how many refugees each country should take in, we...

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  • If Surrey Were Syria

    By on 4 September 2015

    It is what the UNHCR showed us with a campaign video from Manhattan. But also very different, and more shocking. The latest campaign from Save The Children comes with a confrontation question: What if the UK were under siege? With the use of...

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  • The erasure of LGBT youth

    By on 25 August 2015

    Well, “LG” anyway: These posters, for Czech LGBT support organization Sbarvouven, give a visual expression of how “in the closet” lesbian and gay youth feel themselves erased by having to pretend to be someone they’re not. Simple, but devastating. Agency: Oh,...

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  • Nacht van de Dictatuur 2015

    Silenced by a Gag of Human Rights

    By on 8 August 2015

    The Night of the Dictatorship is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. The multimedia festival is about dictatorships in the world. Like the rise of a strong leader and dealing with censorship to the use of music and visual arts...

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