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  • Taking Steps

    They walk the path of peace, no matter what

    By on 4 April 2016

    This project called Taking Steps comes from the Parents Circle Families Forum, a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization, whose members have all lost a close family member to the ongoing conflict. They believe that dialogue is a necessity in order to reconcile both sides...

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  • A deferred kiss because of a war

    A deferred kiss because of a war

    By on 3 February 2016

    Despite everything, you can call this a beautiful story. Despite the fact that it is a story about a war, the horrible civil war which kept former Yugoslavia in its grip for many years. It is a beautiful story in...

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  • TimeOut Tel Aviv Jews & Arabs Kiss

    These Jews and Arabs kiss to protest

    By on 7 January 2016

    Extensively kissing on video is done before. Sometimes it is simply marketing like First Kiss. Or it is relevant advertising like this TV ad for a Portuguese Film Festival. Or a kiss for tolerance, the Dutch Kiss. Within the latter category, there is now a...

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  • Syrian Nizar Ali Badr Stone Art

    These stone sculptures from Syria tell the stories of the war

    By on 9 December 2015

    These amazing images from sculptures are going round on various social media channels. It is the art from Syrian artist Nizar Ali Badr. Not much is known about him except that is from the port city of Latakia. There are rumours...

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  • England Footballers and New Zealand All Blacks team up to test their skills against children for Unicef

    Football and rugby players team up to test their skills against children

    By on 30 November 2015

    This fundraising campaign is more playful than previous work from Unicef. No horrible images about refugees and Syria although the question remains the same.  It are the children that matter. Children are hardest hit mostly in an emergency and many face losing...

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  • MIA borders

    The most creative video about the refugee crisis is made by M.I.A.

    By on 27 November 2015

    Rapper, songwriter, painter, director and social activist M.I.A. (Missing in Action) just released her new song Borders. The matching video is instantly the most powerful and creative piece about the refugee crisis. She sings: The video and the lyrics...

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  • The one major difference between the whale and the human race

    That one major difference between the whale and the human race

    By on 22 November 2015

    This gorgeous video isn’t a cause video but actually a short nature film made by Aquawork, an underwater project from cameraman Rafa Herrero Massieu. Nevertheless the author has a clear message. Rafa followed World Depth Championship 2015 silver medallist Miguel Lozano during his dive nearby the Canary...

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  • Pray for Paris

    There are no spoken words in this Prayer for Paris

    By on 21 November 2015

    A prayer and sharing love is the only answer to terror and violence. That is an opinion, which is more than the maker of the video above has to say and I think he is right. It is made by Alex Soloviev. His words:...

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  • These children's lives will never be the same UNICEF

    The things that turned a child’s world upside down

    By on 9 November 2015

    A lot of terrible things can happen in the world of a child. And UNICEF shows how close to these things can be. They did it in this video showing a family trip to the park which was totally normal. Until their...

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  • Pax voor Vrede Don't bank on the Bomb

    This animation is about your money lent out for nuclear weapons

    By on 30 October 2015

    It seems the 70s and 80s, but it is not. It is present time, right here and it is about your bank account. This video comes PAX for Peace, the Dutch peace movement. Every year they publish a global study on...

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