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  • Artist trolls a nation with blunt anti-Trump billboard

    By on 21 March 2017

    American artist Karen Fiorito recently erected a billboard in Phoenix, Arizona, that carries a blunt message about the current President Of The United States, Donald Trump. Ms. Fiorito told CBS News that the dollar sign swastikas and nuclear explosions represent, “corporate...

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  • Bath Bomb

    A different kind of bath bomb

    By on 12 March 2017

    You’ve got to love LUSH. A major UK retailer of soaps and bath stuff and gooey things that smell nice, they’re a presence on every major high street and train station. And they also put their conscience right up...

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  • ACLU Dash Button turns political anger into action

    ACLU Dash Button turns political anger into action

    By on 23 February 2017

    Amazon Dash Buttons are physical buttons that allow you to order consumable items instantly  without opening a browser or app. American designer Nathan Pryor wondered, “Why reserve that instant gratification for physical goods? Why not push a button and do...

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  • Shepard Fairey about We The People

    Shepard Fairey about We The People

    By on 30 January 2017

    This video is nice rough cut made in the days of the Trump inauguration and the following Women’s March in Los Angeles. But the filmmaker Laura Rudich began with an interview of Shepard Fairey at his latest exhibition in gallery Subliminal Projects....

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  • Josh Begley - Best of luck with the wall

    A journey of 1,954 miles along the Trump line

    By on 26 January 2017

    The wall on the southern border of the United States where Donald Trump wants to build his wall seemed to be a metaphor for a long time. An image of decisive importance for his victory which now might be a terrifying reality....

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  • VPOD Hier Wird's Eng

    Swiss referendum amusingly dramatized in miniature

    By on 19 January 2017

    What I know about this new campaign from Switzerland that it is made for the VPOD (Swiss Association of Public Service Staff) for the upcoming referendum about the proposed tax reform in the country. On international pressure the country has...

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  • Celebrities need a new way to make a difference

    Celebrities need a new way to make a difference

    By on 17 January 2017

    Remember when a bunch of celebrities used their massive social influence to swing a US presidential election? Yeah, didn’t quite happen. But that hasn’t stopped another group of stars — Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Matthew McConaughey, Chris Pine, Hailee...

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  • We Are The World spoof asks Americans to vote (but not for Trump)

    We Are The World spoof asks Americans to vote (but not for Trump)

    By on 6 November 2016

    Thankfully, the US Presidential election will be over soon. But not before we see lots of last-minute efforts to smear rivals, enflame partisan anger, and — most importantly — get out the vote. The Millennial vote is especially important...

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  • #GrabHimByTheBallot: Undraped women against Trump

    By on 26 October 2016

    German-American photographer Anja Shütz, and a growing group of bold women, are taking an artistic stand against misogynistic comments a US Presidential nominee uttered several years ago. The phrase in question is from a taped 2005 conversation with an...

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  • #SavePepe: A campaign to reclaim a meme

    By on 19 October 2016

    It was just one more stupid meme in a year of internet stupidity, egged on by a very stupid American election campaign. One of the iconic Pepe web comics from the early 2000s But for some reason, the use of...

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