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  • Katy Perry gets naked for democracy

    By on 28 September 2016

    How’s that for a clickbait headline? In this Funny or Die video, part of their Everyone Votes campaign for Rock The Vote, the bubbly pop singer encourages young American voters to go to the polls on Tuesday, November 8, wearing whatever...

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  • The Celebrity “Talking Heads” Video Goes Meta

    By on 22 September 2016

    The Save The Day political action committee (PAC), a non-candidate-affiliated political group in the United States, has recruited director Joss Whedon and a “shit-ton of famous people” to encourage left-leaning Americans to register to vote to defeat Republican presidential nominee Donald...

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  • Richard Branson Vs. capital punishment: #DeathPenaltyFail

    By on 25 August 2016

    Baby-boomer’s-baby-boomer and entrepreneur Richard Branson has backed a global campaign against capital punishment: #DeathPenaltyFail. #DeathPenaltyFail — Richard Branson (@richardbranson) August 25, 2016 Using his massive media empire, Branson has focussed his sights especially on the United States as...

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  • A small, simple, human response to xenophobia

    A small, simple, human response to xenophobia

    By on 29 June 2016

    Hello all. What just happened in my country (the UK)? You may be asking this right now. Believe me, we’re still asking ourselves. One fallout of our recent referendum has been a reported increase in xenophobic behaviour – racist...

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  • Australian Sex Party Makes A Anti-Catholic Jingle

    Australian Sex Party Makes A Toe-Tapping Anti-Catholic Jingle

    By on 26 June 2016

    This is about as irreverent as they come. The Australian Sex Party, which despite its name has a broad civil liberties agenda, recently fired a blasphemous shot across the bow of one of the world’s most powerful religious institutions: The Roman...

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  • Canada comes to terms with its racist past

    By on 22 June 2016

    Canada, as a colonial country, has a shamefully racist past with Indigenous peoples. French and then English colonists massacred, cheated, and infected the original people here, taking their land in the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries. But long after the...

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  • Anti-pipeline activists hack the Canadian Dollar

    Anti-pipeline activists hack the Canadian Dollar

    By on 11 December 2015

      The Canadian Dollar Coin is known domestically as the “Loonie” because of the bas-relief image of a great northern loon (designed by Robert-Ralph Carmichael) on its reverse. The loon is somewhat of an icon in parts of Canada in which it is...

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  • “Humans live here” – FESTIVAL DE CANNES 2015.

    By on 31 July 2015

    source: YouTube Taking the civilwar from another point of view is important. War is never black and white. Politicans are painting it but the Civilians are the one who are trying to survive it. The truth of War is...

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  • Duty Of Care: Protecting Children In War War Child

    Duty Of Care: Protecting Children In War

    By on 27 July 2015

    The HELP campaign by charity War Child  is aiming to prevent atrocities against children in war zones around the world. The charity outlines it’s aims in a press release: The Statistics show that last year was one of the worst...

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  • Silent no more – Aboriginal women in Canada

    By on 22 March 2015

      I didn’t know much about this topic. My Osocio colleague, Tom, brought me into the cold water of information and I am very grateful and honored that I may post about Aboriginal women in Canada. Indigenous women are...

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