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  • Oxfam The eight billionaires vs 3.6 billion others

    The eight billionaires vs. 3.6 billion others

    By on 22 January 2017

    Eight billionaires own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who form the poorest half of the world’s population, reveals an Oxfam report published last week. Oxfam made it a campaign launched at the same time as as global...

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  • Burger King drives home a literacy message at the drive-through

    By on 29 September 2016

    A few years ago, Marc and I had some April Fool’s Day fun with Osocio, pretending that we had been acquired by McDonald’s. For the day, we ran posts about how great McDonald’s was on corporate social responsibility and,...

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  • The Power of Planting Trees (and Storytelling) from the Nature Conservancy

    The Power of Planting Trees (and Storytelling)

    By on 6 June 2016

    This isn’t a striking video at first sight. Nevertheless, this video about tree planting has some stunningly strong communication items. Louisville Metro Council Member Cheri Bryant Hamilton tells us in simple terms why planting trees is so important. Especially in neighborhoods with...

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  • Selling shock to prevent teen pregnancy? Does that ever work?

    By on 30 May 2016

    Just because you have a clever art direction idea, doesn’t mean you need to act on it. This campaign, by Sparkling México for Save The Children, is one of those situations. It’s shocking and attention-getting, sure. But was it the...

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  • Behind the Seams: Who makes your clothes?

    Behind the Seams: Who makes your clothes?

    By on 3 May 2016

    Behind the Seams is a new ongoing campaign launched as an indictment of the fashion industry. They started with a clear mission: There should be no mystery as to who is making your clothes. The organisation want to improve the conditions of workers...

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  • Meet the people from the famous Small Change, Big Difference viral

    By on 22 February 2016

    Small Change, Big Difference was one of the most discussed campaigns nine years ago. It was in the second year of Osocio and immediately the best visited blogpost at the time. It was one of the first social campaigns...

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  • Anne goes rogue for abortion rights in PEI

    Anne goes rogue for abortion rights in PEI #iamkarats

    By on 30 January 2016

    Anne of Green Gables, the fictional character first published by Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908, has become an icon of Canadian children’s literature and a major tourist draw for the province of Prince Edward Island (PEI). In the books, Anne...

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  • Animated interview Mass Incarceration, Visualized

    The Racism of Mass Incarceration, Visualized

    By on 12 November 2015

    This new video from The Atlantic is very interesting on two levels. In terms of content, it is a harsh indictment against inequality and discrimination in the country of unlimited possibilities. The possibilities that are stiffer than advertised. Race and origin appears...

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  • The seller is honest about this phone. Would you buy it?

    The seller is honest about this phone. Would you buy it?

    By on 2 November 2015

    Some social experiments really miss the point. Others are a direct hit. Like this experiment from Oslo in Norway. Passers-by are approached by sellers with an honest story about a smartphone. The phone is incredible cheap. But it is...

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  • TrendOnThis AdCouncil Ebola David Oyelowo

    #TrendOnThis: Celebrity PSAs done right

    By on 23 July 2015

    Adland’s Kid Sleepy drew my attention to this fantastic campaign for awareness of the ebola crisis. #TrendOnThis is an attempt to change the Twitter trends from trivial celebrity gossip to important news about the international fight against ebola. To...

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