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“Don’t Freak, I’m Sikh”

Posted by Tom Megginson | 12-02-2014 17:20 | Category: Religion

Pardeep Singh Bahr. Don't Freak, I'm Sikh

These are challenging times for people who live as conspicuous religious minorities. From Quebec’s proposed “Charter of Values” to American Muslim-Bashing, the pressure to conform is still a great threat to cultural diversity.

Sikh men are often the target of this xenophobia. With their turbans and the controversy about their ceremonial knives, they stand out in western countries. In the UK, noted photographer and stylist Pardeep Singh Bahr is spreading the word about what being Sikh really stands for with his video poem, “Don’t Freak I’m Sikh”:

Singh Street Style
Daily Sikh Updates

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The right to childhood should be untouchable, but is still a taboo

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 3-02-2014 20:30 | Category: Abuse, Design, Environment, Health, Religion, Violence, Peace & Conflicts

Erik Ravelo: Los Intocables. The right to childhood should be untouchable.

There are still taboos. What recently was again the case with the project of the Cuban artist Erik Ravelo.
Ravelo is known for his his work at Fabrica and as the man behind the United Colors of Benetton’s UnHate campaign

The project called “Los Intocables” received much applause. But a lot of criticism also. So much that it was banned on Facebook.
And the discussion is still going on YouTube.
These images may not be published is often heard. Because it is shocking is the argument.

“Los Intocables” (“The Untouchables”) is a human installation about the right to childhood that should be protected as Erik Ravelo writes on his website.
It includes seven parts each showing an adult and a crucified child. Each part tells a different story about the loss of innocence with references like war, religion, child abuse and fast food.

It is like a mirror. Like all good art. And that mirror shows us sometimes very unpleasant truths. Therefore, it is not taboo because it is indecent. It is because it makes us scared how we deal with children.
It is not easy when you are attacked by your behavior as an adult.

With the help of lawyers the Facebook ban is canceled recently.

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10 Amazing swipes for good

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 26-11-2013 19:20 | Category: Animal rights, Environment, Fundraising, Human rights, Religion, Road safety

El Colombiano Don’t use your phone while you drive

Nice newspaper ads from earlier this year. They are from the Colombian newspaper El Colombiano.
‘Don’t use your phone while you drive.’

And it’s a nice one for Joe La Pompe too. Because it’s done before.

See more amazing swipes after the break.

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Church of Sweden asks big, troubling, questions about our world

Posted by Tom Megginson | 21-10-2013 17:11 | Category: Religion


Modern Christian churches in secular countries struggle to remain relevant to people’s lives. One of the most interesting , long-term campaigns we’ve covered here is for a single church, Auckland’s St. Matthew-in-the-City. Labelling itself a “progressive” Anglican Church, St. Matt’s has become famous worldwide for its provocative ads.

The Church of Sweden, however, has taken a different approach. Like the United Church of Canada’s 2006 “Wondercafe” campaign, it positions the church as a place to explore life’s deeper questions. But while the United Church used very Canadian self-deprecating irony, the Swedish one rips its shock factor straight from the headlines.

Svenska Kyrkan (Church of Sweden)
Bulldozer, Karlstad, Sweden
Ads of The World

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Posted by Tatjana Vukic | 9-09-2013 19:51 | Category: Religion, Violence, Women's Issues

This powerful advertising campaign made by Ad agency Taproot recreated scenes from old hand-painted images of Indian goddesses.The images were commissioned by Save the Children India. Save Our Sisters (SOS), an Anti Human Trafficking program of Save The Children India, was started as a movement in the year 2000 focussing on Prevention of Human Trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation..

Each ad includes a phone number to report abuse to “Save Our Sisters.”

Goddess Lakshmi, goddess of wealth

Save Our Sisters - Abused goddesses

‘Pray that we never see this day. Today, more than 68 per cent of women in India are victims of domestic violence. Tomorrow, it seems like no woman shall be spared. Not even the ones we pray to.’

Save Our Sisters
taproot, india

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Swipe and Be Blessed

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 21-04-2013 21:00 | Category: Fundraising, Religion

Catholic Church of Montreal - You have our blessing. Be blessed.

And that’s not a sarcastic headline. This is one the best and charming religious fundraising campaigns ever.
It combines the Sign of the Cross with donating. Both very common for the target audience.
Try it yourself. It’s the typical smartphone move. But it works on a pc also.
(Also available in French en Spanish)

The campaign from the Catholic Church of Montreal proves that the know what modern life is. And they did it before. See their previous annual campaigns after the break.

“You have our blessing. Be blessed.”

Catholic Church of Montreal

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Papal Conclave “smokejacked” to demand women’s rights to be priests

Posted by Tom Megginson | 13-03-2013 15:34 | Category: Religion


As the Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church meet to decide on a new Pope, the world watches for smoke signals from the Vatican to indicate that they have made their decision. So the Women’s Ordination Conference smokejacked the Papal Conclave yesterday with pink smoke to protest the church’s refusal to accept women as priests.

Women's Ordination Conference

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American Muslims re-appropriate the word “Jihad”  #myjihad

Posted by Tom Megginson | 31-01-2013 15:12 | Category: Religion


The campaign site explains:

MyJihad is a public education campaign that seeks to share the proper meaning of Jihad as believed and practiced by the majority of Muslims.

Jihad is a central tenet of the Islamic creed which means “struggling in the way of God“. The way of God, being goodness, justice, passion, compassion, etc (not forcible conversion as wrongly claimed by some).

As Muslims, we are taught to put forth a concerted and noble effort against injustice, hate, misunderstanding, war, violence, poverty, hunger, abuse or whatever challenge big or small we face in daily life, with the purpose of getting to a better place.

While the struggle for justice may be physical (as a last resort, and even then it ought to be a just struggle that goes above and beyond observing the universal code of conduct and rules of engagement), the greatest Jihad is that of the self, a fact often ignored by, or unknown to, many.  In more than one sense, Jihad is more about peace and education than anything else. The highest form of scholarly pursuit (the complex, tiring but important scholarly work of Muslims to decipher their faith and its relation to the world around them) is referred to in Islam as ijtehad which by no coincidence is derived from the same root word as Jihad (jahada meaning “to exert effort.”)

Jihad is a personal commitment to service, patience, determination, and taking the higher road, as such, it tasks us with confronting our own weaknesses, vices, and shortcomings; it is about taking personal responsibility.


My Jihad
Washington Post

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St. Matthew-in-the-City thinks Jesus should “come out” this Christmas

Posted by Tom Megginson | 17-12-2012 15:09 | Category: Religion

St. Matthew-in-the-City, New Zealand’s most famously outspoken progressive church, has once again pushed buttons with its holiday billboard:


Last Christmas, it was Mary with a positive pregnancy test.. That billboard was destroyed in an angry religious protest.

St. Matthew-in-the-City Church

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Posted by Tatjana Vukic | 16-12-2012 13:09 | Category: Religion

There is something to celebrate. Date of birth is unknown but it will be still celebrated…

2012. ends up with a fine surprise in the mailbox for the members of the Evangelical Church in Hessen and Nassau (Germany)... (more after the picture)



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