Ghosts victim of silence

Posted by Simon Beyrand | 1-11-2013 17:35 | Category: Road safety

In Quebec, road accidents are the leading cause of death among the 16-24 years old. To raise awareness on this major problem, the road insurance company of Quebec developed an innovative 3D display device in 20 colleges.

The idea: when a student approaches the bathroom mirror, a ghost appears and tells how he lost his life. 3 different stories are displayed to relate the 3 main causes of road accident (speeding, drinking, and texting). Indeed, the victims are passengers who didn’t try to reason with the drivers: the ghosts are “victim of silence”.

The result: those young Canadians lived a disturbing but memorable experience. This approach that shows the passenger’s responsibilities is not very common in road safety campaigns.

Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec

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First Crashmob campaign: Put Your Lights On

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 28-10-2013 22:30 | Category: Road safety

Fietsersbond First Crashmob campaign: I want to see you

The first Crashmob campaign ever. It’s is the start of a new campaign from the Dutch Fietsersbond, the oldest bicycle promoting NGO in the Netherlands.
The campaign entitled ‘I want to see you’ (Ik wil je zien) is designed to promote the use of bike lights.

The Netherlands is one of the best cycling countries but there are many cyclist riding unsafely by not using lights at night. The campaign targets young people between 13 and 25 years with this road safety version of a flashmob.
They surprised cyclists without lights with the possible effects of their dangerous behaviour. They did it with dancing policemen, music from the popular Partysquad and the choreography by Juvat, the winner of the Dutch version of So You Think You Can Dance.

Only slightly more than half of Dutch people under 25 use their lights at night. Time for a more direct approach, without being pedantic. The prevention of penalties and the importance of bicycle lighting for yourself and other road users is the main message in this Crashmob video.

The campaign start at the end of October is no coincidence, it’s the end of the Daylight saving time.


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Can you wait a little longer for a reply?

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 13-10-2013 22:40 | Category: Road safety

SAAQ Au volant, on ne texte pas

This campaign from the Canadian SAAQ (Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec) is currently running in the French-language part of the country.
It is a ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ campaign. It is addressed to all drivers as well as the people close to them.

These televised messages encourage drivers to get their contacts used to waiting for a reply. That way, drivers won’t be tempted to reply immediately to incoming texts when they are at the wheel. The theme is “Habituez les gens à attendre vos réponses. Ça ne vous fera pas mourir.” (Get them used to waiting for your reply. It won’t kill you.) It is followed by the slogan “Au volant, on ne texte pas.” (Don’t text and drive.)

Other items in this campaign are a radio message and mobile application.
The mobile application blocks text messages and incoming calls, and sends an “acknowledgment of receipt” message to the person who tried to contact the driver.

Previous SAAQ campaigns:
- Seat belts extend lives
- We didn’t use to write messages while driving…

Hat tip Jean-Julien.

SAAQ (Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec)

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Matyroshkas help Russians to buckle up

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 25-09-2013 22:10 | Category: Road safety

Road Safety Russia: Buckle Up Matyroshka. Кампания Пристегнись!

Using tradition for a cause that also should be a tradition: using safety belts. That’s the idea behind this national campaign from Road Safety Russia.
The campaign objective was to explain the entire population of Russia that wearing a seat belt is essential to protect.
To make Russian road safety a national cause agency Zavod integrated deep-rooted traditions and used Russia´s most popular icon, the Matryoshka, as the main symbol of campaign.

Part of the campaign was also this TVC produced in traditional Palekh style:

Road Safety Russia
Zavod Consulting, Moscow, Russia

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Data visualization: Highway fatalities are a poverty-inducing problem

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 2-09-2013 21:59 | Category: Road safety

Roads kill, Data visualization: Highway fatalities are a poverty-inducing problem

Almost every road safety campaign we have posted on Osocio come from countries in the developing world. The Pulitzer Center recently published an interactive map with data about road traffic accidents from all over the world. The outcome is the shocking fact that 90 percent of traffic fatalities occur in the developing world. In countries like the Dominican Republic and Nigeria. Poor countries account for 50 percent of the world’s road traffic, but 90 percent of the traffic fatalities. Road accidents will soon become the fifth leading cause of death in these countries.

Try the map below or see the full screen map here.

Jose Luis Irigoyen, a highway safety expert at the World Bank: “Highway fatalities are a poverty-inducing problem. It’s costing on average between 1 and 3 percent of GDP in low- and middle-income countries.”

With this insight I’m going to give us a new assignment. And we need your help. We love to see road safety campaigns from countries that we don’t see often.
Know any? Let us know in the comments or by e-mail.

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The thrill of texting and driving

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 29-08-2013 21:30 | Category: Road safety

SMS Racing

Nice project from Holden Link called SMS Racing. The name says it all. It is a time trial arcade racer that captures the “thrill” of texting and driving.
The game is available as online version or downloadable for various platforms.

The regular version of the game contains abbreviated swearing in the text messages (such as WTF, etc). The educational version contains only clean text messages and is for parents or teachers that would like to show the game to kids.

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In Scotland they ask motorists to treat cyclists like horses

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 23-08-2013 15:30 | Category: Road safety

Cycling Scotland : See cyclist. Think Horse.

This is the new TV ad from Cycling Scotland. They ask motorists to treat cyclists like horses.
The budget for the campaign was £500,000. A lot of money to ask road users to be nice to each other.

The campaign also contains a website, a Facebook Page and a Twitter account
Campaign will run to 15th September in press, outdoor and taxis. TV run is now finished..

Cycling Scotland
Kampanie spoleczne

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These aren’t the obvious drugged-driving experts

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 19-08-2013 22:45 | Category: Drugs, Road safety

New Zealand transport agency: drug driving expert opinion

A drug-driving awareness campaigns without any road scenes? That’s what agency Clemenger BBDO did in this new campaign for the New Zealand transport agency.

They have opted to avoid the “fear”/“crash” cliches with this campaign and opt for some audience-relevant humour.

The approach is the use of ‘experts’ from within the drug-driving community to get the message across. These ‘experts’ have regular contact with the sensible stoners; they are people such as dairy owners, fish and chip shop workers and the children of the target audience. These experts provide observational insights that aim to get the drugged-drivers to acknowledge that cannabis slows them down.

New Zealand transport agency
Clemenger BBDO Wellington & OMD Wellington

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Parking violators as fundraisers

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 14-08-2013 22:29 | Category: Road safety

TDA_Boulder: Parking violators, thank you for your altruism. We are going to tow your car and donate $200 to the charity designated on the parking block

Nice action from Boulder Colorado USA.
Agency TDA_Boulder worked together with twelve charities. They chose 21 parking spots, replaced the standard “You will be towed” signs with new ones that read: “Parking violators, thank you for your altruism. We are going to tow your car and donate $200 to the charity designated on the parking block.” (Parker still pays the towing fee.)
Each parking spot had a name of a specific charity. 

Twelve charities, including 1% for the Planet, American Cancer Society, Blue Sky Bridge, Boulder County Aids Project, Boulder Humane Society, Climate Reality, Earth Vision Trust, March of Dimes, Move, Special Olympics, There with Care, YWCA.
All are active in Boulder, or are TDA clients.

Related parking violators posts:
- DoucheParking: Shame and Blame with an App
- What you’re really doing when you park in a handicapped spot
- Wheelchair Guerilla
- I’m a asshole and I park wherever I please
- So I choose
- Go and break your fucking spine

TDA_Boulder: Parking violators, thank you for your altruism. We are going to tow your car and donate $200 to the charity designated on the parking block


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Werner Herzog’s Documentary “From One Second To The Next”  - it can wait

Posted by Tatjana Vukic | 9-08-2013 22:13 | Category: Education, Road safety

Werner Herzog, one of the most important film directors alive, directed a 30-minute short film, acting as public service announcement, that follows the emotional stories of families affected by the consequences of texting and driving. The film was funded by mobile providers AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon.


AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon

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