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  • Nate Theis Great animation about the way we act in cars

    The Big WOW: Great animation about the way we act in cars

    By on 19 October 2015

    CAN ANY CAUSE RELATED ORGANISATION HIRE THIS ANIMATION DIRECTOR? Road Safety, Social Aid, Environment, anything is possible with this fantastic work from animation director Nate Theis. For me is DRIVING a mirror reflecting our overheated society. It’s pent up anger and outbursts. With a...

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  • FIA Foundation Save Kids Lives

    The right to walk to school free from road traffic danger

    By on 8 October 2015

    According to World Health Organisation figures, 500 children are killed each day in road crashes globally. That is the problem what this new campaign co-funded by the FIA Foundation is about. ‘Save Kids Lives’, a short film directed by Luc...

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  • Alerta de Buraco Results Concessionaire Renault Brazil

    Glow in the Dark Guerrilla for Road Safety in Brazil

    By on 16 August 2015

    This Guerrilla project was done for Renault in Brazil. The idea was to help drivers protect their tires in a country where the roads contain a lot of damages. It was done in a very simple and useful way with fluorescent paint which has...

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  • Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities

    This Campaign is about Douchebag Parking but without the Blaming

    By on 1 August 2015

    These spots are not spectacular, quite the contrary. But striking within the genre. Check the work tagged with Parking and  you’ll find a lot of material in which the perpetrator is shamed. Not in these spots from the Colorado Advisory Council...

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  • TINYROADSIGN is an agency self-promotion campaign by CLINIC 212 in Vilnius, Lithuania

    #TINYROADSIGN is the cutest animal welfare campaign of the summer

    By on 30 July 2015

    #TINYROADSIGN is an agency self-promotion campaign by CLINIC 212 in Vilnius, Lithuania. But they decided to use their creative powers for good by raising awareness of urban wildlife that may be crossing city streets. Hedgehogs are a particularly sad victim of...

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  • Toyota - A Sirious safety message

    Toyota hijacks Siri to stop people from texting and driving

    By on 12 July 2015

    This new campaign from Toyota is in fact a radio ad entering into a conversation with the Siri-function on a iPhone. The ad aims to eliminate distraction from safe driving by turning the airplane mode on. The ad is launched in...

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  • Born to Walk: The Transformative Power of a Pedestrian Act Dan Rubinstein

    Book Review: Born to Walk

    By on 9 June 2015

    Born to Walk: The Transformative Power of a Pedestrian Act Dan Rubinstein ECW Press (Canada) 2015 I didn’t just read this book. I lived it. A couple of months ago, I was offered a “walking copy” of the book...

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  • Parents of Road Victims: Emojis on the road

    Emojis only in this ‘don’t text and die’ movie

    By on 29 April 2015

    It’s the moving version of the well known emoji’s used in a don’t text and die ad from the Belgium Parents of Road Victims. In this movie the organisation ask drivers not to use their smartphones while driving. The movie is created by...

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  • Philly gets silly with pedestrian safety campaign

    Philly gets silly with pedestrian safety campaign #notrocketscience

    By on 10 April 2015

    Philadelphia has a serious issue with pedestrian safety. According to Philadelphia Magazine, an average of 1,700 car vs pedestrian collisions happen in The City of Brotherly Love each year. A new campaign by the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities places the...

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  • Pablo Olmos Don't drink and drive

    Last night everything changed

    By on 7 April 2015

    This is not an official spot but a video made by filmmaker Pablo Olmos Arrayales inspired by the work of TAC, the Transport Accident Commission from Australia. Pablo: More work from Pablo Olmos Arrayales here and on Osocio here.

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