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  • Plan Belgium: no more cutting

    FGM is terrifying shocking, even with paper

    By on 8 March 2017

    Plan Belgium came with this video in the first week of February to take part in the fight against Female Genital Mutulation (FGM), with global activities on 6 February. The organisation worked with Mandy Smith, who became famous with her...

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  • X-Hamster Redirects to Sex Education

    Porn site would rather you get your sex ed elsewhere

    By on 3 March 2017

    The Salt Lake Tribune reports that when the State Legislature of Utah, USA, voted against adopting a comprehensive sex education program (to replace their abstinence-only curriculum) porn site xHamster decided to step in. On the week of February 6, xHamster began redirecting web traffic...

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  • New successful abortion fund began with a single tweet

    New successful abortion fund began with a single tweet

    By on 29 January 2017

    This video is the result of a remarkable spontaneous action which began with a tweet last week. It was a reaction on Donald Trump’s far-reaching anti-abortion measure, which cuts the 575 million funding of NGO’s that support women in lower-income countries...

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  • Aides: an HIV-positive person following treatment no longer transmits the virus

    HIV-positive people on treatment have a lot to pass on. But not HIV.

    By on 23 November 2016

    This new campaign from the well known French organisation AIDES fits in a foreseeable trend which synchronize with the development in the fight against HIV. The campaign, launched just a few days before World AIDS Day, brings the latest scientific insight:...

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  • #GrabHimByTheBallot: Undraped women against Trump

    By on 26 October 2016

    German-American photographer Anja Shütz, and a growing group of bold women, are taking an artistic stand against misogynistic comments a US Presidential nominee uttered several years ago. The phrase in question is from a taped 2005 conversation with an...

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  • Clitoral crop marks are a monumental PSA for women’s sexual health

    By on 19 October 2016

    It looks like an alien symbol, a “crop circle” to greet UFOs. But it’s much more down-to-Earth. This 120-metre symbol, marked on a field near Montferrier-sur-Lez, France, is a clitoris. Yes, the female organ of sexual pleasure. Sexologists Marie-Noelle Lanuit and Jean-Claude Piquard...

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  • VPOTUS Joe Biden goes undercover for consent

    By on 6 October 2016

    It’s not easy for older authority figures to reach youth through digital media, but Vice President Of The United States Joe Biden is giving it the old college try. In this video for Funny Or Die, the VPOTUS teams...

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  • Italian government declares #FertilityDay

    By on 16 September 2016

    “Beauty has no age. Fertility does.” That’s the message of this social media campaign by the government of Italy, intended to combat the country’s plummeting birthrate. This one says, “Aging and childbearing : the risks of delaying the happy...

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  • Pride Fries Acart Communications

    Would you like some Pride with that? #PrideFries

    By on 16 August 2016

    This is my own team’s work, but it was so much fun to make I just had to share here: As a downtown Ottawa agency, Acart Communications is located in what is now known as “The Village” — the...

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  • Where are all the #LGBTSuperheroes?

    By on 1 June 2016

    The mainstreaming of LGBT people is becoming less and less controversial these days in western democracies. (Although we all have a whole lot more wok to do with the “T”) And as art imitates life, the entertainment industry is...

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