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  • Still from animation of one boy jokingly taking a snapchat of another boy's

    Another shameful anti-sexting ad

    By on 16 January 2015

    We’ve seen it before. Well-meaning adults in cause marketing try to shame youth out of digitally sharing sexual pictures — or “sexting” — by reminding them of the grave consequences to their life and reputation. As if they didn’t...

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  • Children of the Street: A predator can sound a lot like a friend. Talk to your kids about online sexual exploitation.

    A predator can sound a lot like a friend

    By on 12 January 2015

    Each year the Canadian Children of the Street Society takes on a province-wide awareness initiative on sexual exploitation through the Predator Watch program. This year’s campaign focuses on cell phones as a tool that exploiters use to connect with...

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  • Racism? Art? PSA? Or all three? The disturbing spectacle of Makode Linde’s human cake

    By on 17 April 2012

    A male artist, in the most offensive caricature blackface imaginable, creates an anatomical nude female red velvet cake and invites Sweden’s Minister of Culture to give him/her a symbolic cliteridectomy by cutting the genital slice first. Oh, and Mr....

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  • Stop Female Genital Mutilation

    Not a Dove Story

    By on 4 August 2010

    Despite its initial similarity to a skincare ad, this 60 second spot for the Waris Dirie Foundation deals with a very different standard of female beauty: Waris Dirie is a Somali model, author, actress and human rights activist known...

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