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  • Age UK: no one should have no one

    Simple is beautiful.

    By on 28 January 2015

    Love this simple new campaign from Age UK. A clear belief, simply expressed, without tired cliches like ‘loneliness’ and ‘isolation’.   Client: Age UK Agency: Karmarama Photographer: David Vintiner

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  • Teen Pregnancy bus shelter campaign portraying a baby controlling your life as a teen parent - Babycanwait - Milwaukee

    Teen parents as a jack-in-the-box to tell that a baby can wait

    By on 22 January 2015

    These bus shelter ads are part of an ongoing series from Milwaukee too tell kids that a baby can wait. The truth about being a parent means putting baby’s needs before yours, and these ads depict teen parents as...

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  • Mesa livre

    Intervention in Brazil encourages people to share a table

    By on 19 January 2015

    Mesa Livre, Free Table, is a nice intervention conceived by two young advertising guys from Porto Alegre in Brazil. Ramon Ballverdú and Caio Turbiani came up with this idea during lunchtime where they saw that many chairs were unoccupied. While there was a line of...

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  • We Are Who We Become

    Luvo jumped over his addiction with sport

    By on 15 October 2014

    The video below is the story of Luvo, a near-to professional long-jumper. In his teens Luvo has been supported by a non-profit organisation specialising in community development through sport and recreation. Especially in those days when he struggled with...

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  • testo vanHarte: A knife for a better neighbourhood

    A knife, the weapon for a better neighbourhood

    By on 26 September 2014

    This summer I was pre-selection jury member of the NRC Charity Awards, the award about newspaper ads from non-profits organised by the Dutch newspaper NRC. The brief was to select the 24 best ads from a total of more...

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  • A traveling campaign to Help Each Other Out

    A traveling campaign to Help Each Other Out

    By on 23 September 2014

    This amazing project is important. Because it’s about kindness, about helping and be helped. Being there during tough times. It’s local, thus nearby. Kelsey Crowe started Help Each Other Out last year. She conducted loads of research on support...

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  • Lifeline Australia Reach out and get connected

    The moving behind the scenes video is the best part of this suicide prevention campaign

    By on 10 September 2014

    ‘Reach out and get connected’ from the Australian Lifeline is the second post today about World Suicide Prevention Day. The video features personalities Jessica Rowe, Steve Waugh, Jesinta Campbell, Justine Clarke, Luke Carroll, Steve Willis, Mia Freedman and Alex...

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  • Would you answer this suicide call?

    By on 9 September 2014

    This is the campaign from the Flemish Suicide Prevention Hotline (Zelfmoordlijn) made for World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10. Agency Ogilvy came up with the idea to place a helpline desk in the center of Leuven. The phone on...

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  • In this video ATM stands for Automated Thanking Machine

    In this video ATM stands for Automated Thanking Machine #TDThanksYou

    By on 6 August 2014

    This viral is the typical tearjerking marketing and I must admit that I was also hit while watching the video. The Canadian TD Bank Group is doing an annual customer appreciation day and this year they did it with...

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  • SocialPlanes

    It’s time for you to tell a little story. With #SocialPlanes

    By on 4 June 2014

    Do you want to tell a story and don’t have SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook or Whatsapp? Use SocialPlanes. Because we don’t always need a phone. The paper planes are easy to make with the templates available at this website.

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