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[3+1] Paul de Gregorio

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 16-10-2011 21:05 | Category: Environment, Fundraising, Politics, Developing World, Three + One

[3 +1] was temporarily stopped for several reasons. But here we are again! Our guest this week is Paul de Gregorio, a great guy who I met on Google+.
And I’m glad I discovered his blog also. Fundraising isn’t my forte. He is doing great writings on this topic. Inspirational!

About [3+1]: it is sharing 3 favourite campaigns, designs or other visual things. And 1 failure, something annoying. In short: 3 x good (green), 1 x bad (red).

Paul de GregorioPaul is Head of Mobile at UK fundraising agency Open Fundraising. He has been fundraising since 1996. Before joining Open to head the agency’s mobile offering in 2011, Paul was client services director at telephone fundraising agency Pell & Bales. He has worked with many charities and membership organisations - including Cancer Research UK, the NSPCC, The Labour Party, UNICEF UK and National Trust - to deliver fundraising and campaigning activity that inspires people to take action. He can be found on Twitter @pauldegregorio. He also blogs about fundraising with a focus on mobile and individual giving.

Christian Aid Malaria nets advert

One of the key reasons I’m doing what I do now is this advert from Christian Aid. The first time I saw it I was truck by it’s simplicity and compelled to take the action. But more than that, it re-enforced my view that text and mobile were tools for fundraisers and campaigners that if properly used could push us unto a whole new level of supporter and public engagement with causes.

Successful text response campaigns have a very clearly defined ‘itch’, the issue or situation that makes us feel uncomfortable and a ‘scratch’ the action we can take to relieve us from the uncomfortable feeling and make us feel good.

The Christian Aid advert is a brilliant example; the itch in this case is clearly the fact that a child dies every 45 seconds from malaria. The scratch, just as simple, you can provide a net, right now for £3, which will save a child’s life.

Christian Aid Malaria nets advert
Click to enlarge

Continue reading after the break.

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[3+1] Susanne Ure

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 15-06-2011 07:10 | Category: Three + One

Our new guest writer for [3+1] is Susanne Ure. We asked her for two reasons: Susanne is Web Editor for Amnesty International Canada and Osocio is celebrating the 50th anniversary of AI; and, more important, we have rarely met someone so passionately dedicated to human rights. That is exactly what organizations like Amnesty need: compassion and conviction.

About [3+1]: it is sharing 3 favourite campaigns, designs or other visual things. And 1 failure, something annoying. In short: 3 x good (green), 1 x bad (red).

imageSusanne Ure
Web Editor for Amnesty International Canada. Her primary tactics of individual activism are social media (@SusanneUre) and photography. Susanne thinks that the most interesting part of any campaign story is what happens after. She draws her inspiration from the great human rights campaigns of history — William Wilberforce’s 20 year effort to abolish the slave trade, and Peter Benenson’s “Forgotten Prisoners” campaign in 1961 ( the one that catalyzed the global movement that became Amnesty International).

Susanne believes in the power of one voice - both the one voice of the individual, and the one collective voice. When listening to the Jenni Williamses of the world, she begins to wonder if our immersion in, and access to, digital channels and tactics may have made us a bit lazy and addicted us to the short-term “wins,” but is always willing to discuss it with an open mind.


Zimbabwe: Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA)

WOZA co-founder Jenni Williams speaks at Amnesty’s 50th Anniversary celebrations in Montreal, 28 May 2011.

Zimbabwe has a culture of political violence pervasive and intractable.  When President Robert Mugabe was compared to Hitler he himself responded by saying “If I am Hitler, let me be 10 times Hitler.”
Quality of life in the one-time “breadbasket of Africa” has degraded to the abysmal. Citizens are confounded every day with the difficulties of getting food and water, the absence and unreliability of electricity and sewers,  a level of inflation that has made money virtually worthless,  the twin scourges of AIDs and cholera, the breakdown of the education and health systems, and the all-consuming fear that the president’s men will someday arrive at your door and commit unspeakable acts on your dignity and person and that of your loved ones.

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[3+1] Marc Andrews

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 24-05-2011 21:55 | Category: Three + One

Two years ago I found a nice surprise in the Osocio mailbox. It was from Marc Andrews. He wrote an master thesis in graphic design concerning the topic of social campaigns. I realized that this thesis must be the key document for what we are doing here on Osocio. I felt ashamed that we never shared the thesis with you.
A few weeks ago Marc contacted me again. He published the thesis on a dedicated website: www.visualrhetoric.nl. It was clear, he must be the next guest in our new [3+1] section. And I was right, check his choices below. Thanks Marc!

About [3+1]: it is sharing 3 favourite campaigns, designs or other visual things. And 1 failure, something annoying. In short: 3 x good (green), 1 x bad (red).

imageAbout Marc Andrews
Marc Andrews is an art director/graphic designer and a social psychologist. He runs a studio for visual communication in Amsterdam, called andrews:degen, focusing on campaigns, editorial design and identity development. On www.visualrhetoric.nl he published his research thesis ‘Social Campaigns: The Art of Visual Persuasion - Its psychology, its semiotic, its rhetoric’. This research investigates how visual arguments are constructed in social campaigns to persuade a target group. Social campaigns were analyzed in the context of psychology, semiotics and rhetoric.

Marc Andrews

The Dutch advertising agency ‘Kesselskramer’ developed this campaign for the Mental Health Foundation.  The three campaign images show three different ‘alienated’ people whose heads have been replaced by objects.  The objects illustrate the mental overload in the peoples’ heads due to their work pressure/environment. The meaning of the image is anchored by a rhetorical question ‘What’s playing on your mind?’ The visual statement is supported by the use of rhetorical figures. The exaggeration of the natural proportion of the head can be identified as an ‘hyperbole’. The repetitious representation of objects is a major rhetorical strategy for producing emphasis, amplification and emotional effect. The objects are also representing a job.
This substitution of a part of something (for example the doll heads)  for a whole (the job itself, for example the teacher) is called a ‘Synechdoche’. The backgrounds of the images supports the depicted jobs. 
Although the topic is serious, the approach is friendly, playful, humorous and inevitable. The rhetorical question anchors the image and stimulates a social comparison between the observer and the depicted alienated person’s head/mind on the poster, so as to say ‘what is playing in my mind?’

Mental Health Foundation

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[3+1] Arjan in’t Veld

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 16-05-2011 22:07 | Category: Three + One

We’re very happy with this new episode of [3+1], the new section on Osocio. In this episode the choices from Arjan in’t Veld. His specialty is 50+ marketing, a subject we like to write more about. 50+ isn’t sexy in a world where everything is about being young and acting fast. We started a category Elder Issues a few months ago. Mostly it is about diseases and discomforts but there must be more to tell about. That was the reason why we asked Arjan.
[3+1] is sharing 3 favourite campaigns, designs or other visual things. And 1 failure, something annoying. In short: 3 x good, 1 x bad. Arjan was so enthusiastic, he made [4+1].

imageI am Arjan in’t Veld, founder of Bureauvijftig, a Dutch marketing and communication agency that specialises in babyboomer and 50+ marketing. 50+, babyboomer or senior marketing is a relatively new domain. Marketeers tend to struggle to respectfully communicate with people growing old. Some campaigners are very succesfull in doing so, some fail miserably. We try to avoid the latter. A few examples struck me over the years.


imageSP: Granny getting naked….
Healthcare is all about helping people who need it. Giving them comfort, warmth and the specific care they deserve. Personal contact and taking time for a patient. Not if we let the Dutch politicians decide. Then healthcare will be all about scheduled time and accountability. “Every day someone else to get undressed for. I could better take off my clothes for the entire nation.” A campaign by Dutch social party SP. Brilliant and ‘in your face’. It caused a political debate.


See the video and the other choices from Arjan after the break.

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[3+1] Ross McCulloch

Posted by Osocio | 28-04-2011 20:37 | Category: Three + One

Two weeks ago we did the first edition of [3+1], the new section on Osocio. As an introduction Marc did his own choice.
Today it is the real start and we are proud to welcome Ross McCulloch from Scotland with his 3 favourites and 1 failure. Because that is what it is about: sharing 3 favourite campaigns, designs or other visual things. And 1 failure, something annoying.
In short: 3 x good, 1 x bad.

imageRoss McCulloch is passionate about social media for social good, working with various third sector organisations on website development, social media strategy and training as Third Sector Lab. As well as organising the bi-annual Be Good Be Social events he is also the founder of ThirdSectorForums.co.uk - an online space for charity professionals to learn, debate and connect.
We know Ross online for a while. He is a professional in his niche, always enthusiastic and above all he is a positive mind. And we love that!
Ross on Twitter.


imageEnable Scotland
For their first ever national ad campaign Enable Scotland didn’t mess about. Their posters featured strong images of people with learning disabilities and asked bold questions like “If I ate out of a dog bowl would you like me more?”; highlighting the fact that animal charities receive nearly double the donations of disability charities.

Enable Scotland

More after the break.

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Introducing [3+1]

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 14-04-2011 21:50 | Category: Three + One

imageThis is blogpost No. 2,500 on Osocio. We don’t do anything special but it is a good moment to start something new.
We call it [3+1]. On a regularly basis we ask someone in our niche to share 3 favourite campaigns, designs or other visual things. And what about the ‘1’? It stands for completely rubbish, a total failure, something annoying.
In short: 3 x good, 1 x bad.

To give you an idea what it could be I start with my own list. As a kind of celebration for the 2,500 th blogpost.


imageIt started for me a long time ago. It was 1971, I was 11. My father was doing business on a household fair. In a corner there was also a political fair because of upcoming elections. As said it was the seventies, The years from protest after the Vietnam failure. In the Netherlands we had the PSP, the Pacifist Socialist Party. And they came with this poster:

See it after the break.

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