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  • Manterruption - Portraits of Silence

    Woman want the right of full speech

    By on 28 May 2017

    Ever heard about Manterrupting? Perhaps you remember the first US election debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It was Trump who interrupted Clinton for 51 times. Agency BETC from São Paulo in Brazil describe this kind of interruptions as “a type...

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  • Mexican penis seat spreads awareness of harassment on the metro

    By on 30 March 2017

    Adweek today featured a truly disturbing ambient marketing PSA on sexual harassment, which has gained infamy on English-language social media as the “penis seat.” This moulded. anatomically-correct male torso and crotch appears in the seating area of a car...

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  • Scottish government declares revenge porn a crime scene

    Scottish government declares revenge porn a crime scene

    By on 28 March 2017

    New Scottish laws aimed at curbing the awful phenomenon of “revenge porn” could result in significant prison time for partners or ex-partners sharing intimate images without consent, according to the BBC. To raise awareness of the issue, Safer Scotland has produced a...

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  • Mother London exposes a massive breast for UK Mothers Day #FreeTheFeed

    By on 27 March 2017

    There it is, lurking like Rover from The Prisoner: A massive inflatable human breast, complete with 3-D areola. For once, though, this novelty boob wasn’t a “look at me!” stunt for breast cancer charities. This one was all about...

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  • Plan Belgium: no more cutting

    FGM is terrifying shocking, even with paper

    By on 8 March 2017

    Plan Belgium came with this video in the first week of February to take part in the fight against Female Genital Mutulation (FGM), with global activities on 6 February. The organisation worked with Mandy Smith, who became famous with her...

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  • When The One That Got Away… Really Needed To

    By on 15 February 2017

    This new ad by Union Creative, for Toronto’s Interval House, plays with your assumptions. Launched on Valentine’s Day, it opens with three men from different walks of life (but all white) talking about “the one that got away.” The interview...

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  • Scottish Government - Cervical Cancer Screening Campaign

    Scottish call to nip cervical cancer in the bud

    By on 9 February 2017

    Fruit and flowers as a visual metaphor in social advertising, it is often done. Which makes you giggle or blush mostly. Like this call for self examiniation, thinking of ( • )( • ) for cancer awareness or fruit labels for breastfeeding advocacy. A flower...

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  • Shepard Fairey about We The People

    Shepard Fairey about We The People

    By on 30 January 2017

    This video is nice rough cut made in the days of the Trump inauguration and the following Women’s March in Los Angeles. But the filmmaker Laura Rudich began with an interview of Shepard Fairey at his latest exhibition in gallery Subliminal Projects....

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  • New successful abortion fund began with a single tweet

    New successful abortion fund began with a single tweet

    By on 29 January 2017

    This video is the result of a remarkable spontaneous action which began with a tweet last week. It was a reaction on Donald Trump’s far-reaching anti-abortion measure, which cuts the 575 million funding of NGO’s that support women in lower-income countries...

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  • Defacing violence against women

    Defacing violence against women

    By on 16 November 2016

    This smart guerilla action by a group of creatives in Chicago, USA, starts with a simple insight – if we think it’s OK to deface posters of women with sexist and violent grafitti, what does that imply about how society sees violence against...

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