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  • Defacing violence against women

    Defacing violence against women

    By on 16 November 2016

    This smart guerilla action by a group of creatives in Chicago, USA, starts with a simple insight – if we think it’s OK to deface posters of women with sexist and violent grafitti, what does that imply about how society sees violence against...

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  • #GrabHimByTheBallot: Undraped women against Trump

    By on 26 October 2016

    German-American photographer Anja Shütz, and a growing group of bold women, are taking an artistic stand against misogynistic comments a US Presidential nominee uttered several years ago. The phrase in question is from a taped 2005 conversation with an...

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  • Swedish Cancer Society squares off with Facebook censorship

    By on 21 October 2016

    It’s a friendly, helpful, and potentially life-saving video using simplified human shapes. What could possibly go wrong? According to The Guardian, Facebook took the video down from the Swedish Cancer Society (Cancerfonden)’s page, citing community guidelines for “offensive” content. I...

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  • Activists put warning labels on racist costumes

    By on 20 October 2016

    BuzzFeed reports that a Canadian group, Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism (SCAR), has been running a guerrilla campaign against a Halloween retailer selling costumes that promote offensive stereotypes of Indigenous peoples. The group targeted a Spirit Halloween location in Regina, affixing...

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  • Clitoral crop marks are a monumental PSA for women’s sexual health

    By on 19 October 2016

    It looks like an alien symbol, a “crop circle” to greet UFOs. But it’s much more down-to-Earth. This 120-metre symbol, marked on a field near Montferrier-sur-Lez, France, is a clitoris. Yes, the female organ of sexual pleasure. Sexologists Marie-Noelle Lanuit and Jean-Claude Piquard...

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  • VPOTUS Joe Biden goes undercover for consent

    By on 6 October 2016

    It’s not easy for older authority figures to reach youth through digital media, but Vice President Of The United States Joe Biden is giving it the old college try. In this video for Funny Or Die, the VPOTUS teams...

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  • Say Breast Save Lives Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation

    Some people are still shy to say THE B WORD

    By on 23 September 2016

    For some of you it’s hard to imagine, but there are people who find it difficult to speak out the word breast. That seems so in Singapore. The B word makes many Singaporeans feel uncomfortable. That discomfort is used in the...

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  • Italian government declares #FertilityDay

    By on 16 September 2016

    “Beauty has no age. Fertility does.” That’s the message of this social media campaign by the government of Italy, intended to combat the country’s plummeting birthrate. This one says, “Aging and childbearing : the risks of delaying the happy...

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  • Embarrassed poem by Hollie McNish about breastfeeding


    By on 14 August 2016

    It may be due to my interest, but it can also be the resurrection of poetry. I find it striking how much poetry with social commitment I meet lately, and I love it! This video from director Jake Dypka made...

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  • Selling shock to prevent teen pregnancy? Does that ever work?

    By on 30 May 2016

    Just because you have a clever art direction idea, doesn’t mean you need to act on it. This campaign, by Sparkling México for Save The Children, is one of those situations. It’s shocking and attention-getting, sure. But was it the...

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