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  • War Child Canada Mother’s Day Sacrifice

    These mothers don’t want pink slippers on that day in May

    By on 22 April 2016

    This May, War Child Canada asks moms to sacrifice their Mother’s Day gift in exchange for a donation to the charity, which helps mothers and children living in war zones. And they do that with this very funny campaign video and...

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  • Instituto Maria da Penha These notes hide the terrible truth

    These notes hide a terrible truth

    By on 14 April 2016

    Joe La Pompe from the eponymous website brought me to this good and confrontating campaign from last year about violence to women. It is an interactive video with one of the annoying YouTube features, the annotations. That note that always get in...

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  • Gender Gap Cake Pie Chart Paul Bakery Romania

    This is the most tasty pie chart about the wage gap

    By on 10 April 2016

    Making statistiscs on the wage gap between men and women is not a complicated challenge unlike eliminating this inequality. There is a lot of creativity needed and that is what they did in Romania. Nir Refuah and friends from Mccann Erickson designed...

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  • Leftover women #changedestiny in Marriage Market

    By on 8 April 2016

    “Sheng Nu” is the Chinese term for “leftover woman,” the ones over 25 that haven’t married yet and are increasingly pressured as they grow older and haven’t yet found a husband and married, being stigmatised by parents and friends. Skincare...

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  • Prom dresses made of condoms promote safer sex

    Prom dresses made of condoms promote safer sex

    By on 25 March 2016

    A fascinating stunt by Adolescent Health Project & the Women’s Fund of Omaha in Nebraska, USA, is putting safer sex front-and-centre as local teens shop for prom dresses. Proms, or formal high school dance parties, are an American tradition that...

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  • Wage Gap Pay me like a man Zij kant Amazon Eve

    Amazon Eve have experienced firsthand about the wage gap

    By on 21 March 2016

    Equal Pay Day is originally started as a Belgian initiative and now grown into European level. Because the pay gap is still a problem in and for all European member states. The day is the annual day to pay attention to this inequality. Equal Pay...

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  • Disembodied private parts preach consent

    By on 4 March 2016

    In a campaign that reminds me of Sweden’s singing genitals for kids, the North America’s Project Consent uses cute animations of body parts to deliver an important social message. In this case, however, the target audience is older. And...

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  • British Pregnancy Advisory Service BPAS #WeTrustWomen On the Shoulders of Giants for Bodily Autonomy

    On the Shoulders of Giants for Bodily Autonomy

    By on 25 February 2016

    This is not the most exciting campaign video that you will encounter. On the contrary. And yet the video is good. Or perhaps just because it is not exciting. It is the historical perspective what makes it so clearly. The video...

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  • Charity Ovarian Cancer Canada cancer charity shows off its #Ladyballs

    Canadian cancer charity shows off its #Ladyballs

    By on 31 January 2016

    It’s a genuinely funny ad, but viewers seem split on whether it’s fighting or promoting a certain kind of sexism. #Ladyballs is an awareness and fundraising campaign for Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC) by Grey4Good, a division of Grey Canada . OCC says that...

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  • Anne goes rogue for abortion rights in PEI

    Anne goes rogue for abortion rights in PEI #iamkarats

    By on 30 January 2016

    Anne of Green Gables, the fictional character first published by Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908, has become an icon of Canadian children’s literature and a major tourist draw for the province of Prince Edward Island (PEI). In the books, Anne...

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