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Mothers go GoPro with disabilities

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 8-09-2014 14:00 | Category: Ableism

Cap 48: Mothers go GoPro with disabilities just like other extreme sports.

Mothers of disabled children are compared with extreme athletes in this new campaign from Cap 48. Because there is no difference.
Cap 48 is an initiative from the Walloon broadcaster RTBF for creating awareness about living with a physical handicap.

GoPro, a miniature camera, is used often in extreme sports. It brings the emotions of the sporter very nearby for the viewer.
Agency Air from Brussels used this technique for 24 hours with fourteen year old disabled Johanna and her mother. The three spots give an impression of how to transform the most mundane activities into an extreme sport, if you have a disabled child.

The choice of director for these videos is also remarkable. It’s Mitch Bergsma, a professional wakeboarder and a GoPro-celebrity on YouTube. He is deaf and dumb from birth. (see the behind the scenes video below)

Other Cap 48 campaigns:
- It is great to live with a handicap
- Look me in the eyes… I said the eyes

Cap 48
Air Brussels

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Cancer kills faster

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 1-09-2014 19:00 | Category: Health

AAPC: Cancer kills faster.

Beautiful artwork and well-intentioned. But maybe I’m missing something, I think that the animal is always faster.
The posters were made for World Day Against Tobacco on August 29.

RARO! Propaganda, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Nordic Noir stars want higher penalties for child abuse

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 1-09-2014 13:20 | Category: Abuse

ECPAT Noomi Rapace want higher penalties for child abuse in Sweden.

ECPAT Joel Kinnaman want higher penalties for child abuse in Sweden.

In Sweden, the penalties for child abuse are extremely low. In 2011 the country had been criticized by the UN on this issue. Often enough, the abuse is dismissed with a fine.

The Swedish organization ECPAT would like a national debate about this and used the comparison of spitting chewing gum on the street. Because the penalties are similar.

Agency Svensson chose highly relevant movie stars to open the debate. Noomi Rapace, known from the Millennium series, and Joel Kinnaman, leading actor in The Killing, speak directly to the viewer with examples of child abuse.
Highly relevant because both actors are known from movies and TV series about abuse and violence.

The TV spots were created in the recognisable slow acting and almost monochrome Nordic Noir style.
ECPAT also made this campaign website. They ask the Swedish people tho use the hashtag #sopigstraffskala (translation: broken sentencing scale).


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The rescue mission in Syria that he will never forget

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 31-08-2014 21:30 | Category: Peace & Conflicts


This powerful video is from the Syria Campaign in which, Khaled Farah, a Syrian volunteer rescue worker recounts one rescue he’ll never forget. It is the miraculous rescue of a baby beneath a collapsed building following a barrel bomb attack.

It is a moving example of what The White Helmets do in Syria. They are the first responders on the front lines in Northern Syria. Some neighbourhoods in Syria are attacked by more than 50 barrel bombs and mortars a day. When these bombs drop, the White Helmets rush in to search for life in the rubble.
The volunteers save people on all sides of the conflict, pledging commitment to the principles of “Humanity, Solidarity, Impartiality” as outlined by the International Civil Defence Organisation.

Imad, a member of the Syrian Civil Defence said, “Members of our civil defence centre help all people who need them, regardless of their gender, age, background. Religious or national identity of people we help doesn’t matter for us. Our job is purely humanitarian, nothing else. When we respond to catastrophes, we only care about rescuing people as quickly as we can. We don’t ask questions, we just help.”

The video is part of the petition campaign imploring governments to fund the “White Helmets” with the basic equipment they need to continue providing rescue support. 

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Into the night with a dictator

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 30-08-2014 10:19 | Category: Human rights

Night of Dictatorship: Assad.

These posters are made for an event about dictatorship. The event is held in The Hague in The Netherlands.
It is a varied and active program of lectures, exhibitions, night tours, films and debates titled The Night of Dictatorship.

The Night of the Dictatorships is created to deal with the meaning of democracy and the state of justice. It is the counterpart of the UN Day for Democracy (15 sept.). The event is organized for the fourth time this year.

More about the event here and here in English.

Night of the Dictatorships

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Priority Seats for those who want to make friends

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 28-08-2014 22:30 | Category: Social aid

Social intervention 2.0 IRL: Priority Seats for those who want to make friends.

Public transport is not the best social environment you can think of. Staring, reading, silence, and nowadays playing with a smartphone is what most travelers do.
In Brazil they came with a new kind of priority seats to break this daily routine. You could call it social intervention 2.0 IRL.

These seats, marked with a label, are only available to people who wish to gain new experiences. For people who are ready for a new conversation.
For help to start a conversation some suggestions are given on post-its.

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Homes without kitchens

Posted by Reuben Turner | 28-08-2014 12:57 | Category: Consumerism

Another example of commercial brands addressing social issues. Uncle Bens (rice) have launched this viral in the UK showing how important it is to keep passing our cooking skills on – or we risk our children growing up not knowing how. 

More and more corporates are positioning themselves as tackling social issues not just selling product.
But do they really believe it?
And more importantly, do we?

Uncle Bens

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A Systems Story in a new and accessible way

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 21-08-2014 22:00 | Category: Design, Environment, Health

BEE Environmental Communication: Systems Thinking.

This seems off topic, it isn’t about a cause, person or organisation. It is about System Thinking, a concept for understanding and solving complex world problems, from climate change, to public health care, and beyond. Therefore it is very relevant for the world of social marketing.

The problem is that system thinking itself is complex. This is why the team of BEE Environmental Communication decided to explain this very useful but quite technical concept in an easy-to-understand way. Illustrated with an universal example: love.

BEE Research Manager Sarah Czunyi: “On six-sided cubes, we created images that told different stories within one set of blocks. Each scene of the video uses a unique set of cubes, which when turned around illustrate a distinct component of the systems thinking ‘recipe book’ – yet clearly, all are connected in a bigger system and sub-systems.  And the fact that we used these alphabet cubes, often thought of as simply children’s educational toys, illustrates that even something as complex as systems thinking should and can be accessible to a wider audience.”

More about the origin and background of the project here.

BEE Environmental Communication

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Alzheimer’s patients as news editors

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 21-08-2014 20:00 | Category: Health, Media

This campaign from Macedonia is about the loss of short term memory known as the first symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.
Alzheimer’s patients were asked what the latest news is they can remember. Agency Publicis collected these memories for the campaign from the Macedonian National Neurological Institute.

On World’s Alzheimer’s day these memories were published in cooperation with the leading newspapers with front pages featuring news from the past.
Also, the news on the TV stations were substituted with news from the past.

The main message: “This is the latest news for people with Alzheimer’s”.

The video below is the case study.
According to Nielsen media research, the campaign reached 68% of the Macedonian population. And the following month the number of the visits for medical advice increased by 215%.

Alzheimer’s patients as news editors in Macedonia.

Macedonian National Neurological Institute
Publicis Skopje

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A wildlife trophy that saves lives

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 20-08-2014 16:30 | Category: Animal rights, Fundraising

Pro Wildlife: A wildlife trophy that saves lives.

Agency guertlerbachmann used the idea of wildlife trophies to make stamps for the German organisation Pro Wildlife. The stamp is part of a postcard and is exactly the part of an animal which is the trophy. Like the tusks of an elephant.

50 cents from the sale of each stamp went to Pro Wildlife. The campaign raised a total of € 41,000, as well as mentions in several newspaper articles and discussions on blogs and social networks.

Copy: “Every trophy costs a life. Your donation can save it.”


Pro Wildlife

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