UNICEF tells us something we already know and it still surprises us #violencevaccine

Author: Marc van Gurp
Date: Tuesday 21 October 2014
Category: Violence, Peace & Conflicts

UNICEF tells us something we all know: there is no vaccine for violence. And yet it is a surprising statement what the make in their new video because of the way of narrating and the lack of stereotypes. The video is the start of the UNICEF UK’s new Children in…

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Knitting is the new sex without a condom

Author: Marc van Gurp
Date: Monday 20 October 2014
Category: Health

AIDES, the well known French organisation, is doing remarkable Aids awareness campaigns for many years. Mostly they target specific groups like the gay community and youth. With their new campaign which is launched today they speak to all sexual active. No condom? You better go knit. The new campaign includes…

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Wear It Pink - Look Good. Do Good

Author: Tatjana Vukic
Date: Saturday 18 October 2014
Category: Environment, Health, Pinkverts, Women's Issues

Campaign by Media agency Carat for breast cancer fundraising initiative ‘Wear It Pink’ started yesterday. Campaign videos are running across cinema, social media and out of home channels during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Carat used the Genero platform to put out a brief to a global creative community of over…

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Little girls hijack age warnings during prime time

Author: Marc van Gurp
Date: Friday 17 October 2014
Category: Fundraising, Developing World, Women's Issues

The latest Plan Belgium campaign was recently featured on TV, in Belgian cinemas and via Preroll on YouTube. The idea is simple and surprising. At the start of a movie (on TV and in cinema) viewers got the age warning that the film is suitable for children over 12 years.…

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If you knew your words were hurtful, would you say them again?

Author: Tom Megginson
Date: Thursday 16 October 2014
Category: Discrimination

Full disclosure: I wrote these ads as a personal volunteer project, in partnership with my sister-in-law, Bonnie Robinson, at Ottawa’s YOW! Productions. We had been looking for a pro-bono job to do together, and Bonnie had been involved with the organization. She shot these two PSAs on an absolute shoestring,…

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Save the Children wants you to #BeASuperhero

Author: Osocio
Date: Thursday 16 October 2014
Category: Poverty, Developing World

What’s not to like about this new Save the Children ad? It’s got real children in it – not actors, but actual children supported by the organisation’s work in their real-life environments. It’s made by the super cool BAFTA-winning agency Don’t Panic – the same guys who brought us that…

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Luvo jumped over his addiction with sport

Author: Marc van Gurp
Date: Wednesday 15 October 2014
Category: Drugs, Poverty, Social aid, Sport, Violence

The video below is the story of Luvo, a near-to professional long-jumper. In his teens Luvo has been supported by a non-profit organisation specialising in community development through sport and recreation. Especially in those days when he struggled with a growing addiction to drugs they helped him in staying true…

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Drop a brick in the toilet to save water - one flush at a time

Author: Marc van Gurp
Date: Wednesday 15 October 2014
Category: Environment

Saving flush water with a brick is not new but not well known. It is an easy implementation, place something in the cistern of your toilet which replaces a part of the water. Now there is a new project to promote this water saving solution: Drop-A-Brick, a collaboration between individuals…

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Experience the effects of abusing DXM without trying it yourself

Author: Marc van Gurp
Date: Monday 13 October 2014
Category: Drugs

DXM is short for dextromethorphan, an ingredient found in cough medicines. Some teens are abusing DXM (also know as Robotripping) to get high while possibly causing serious damage to their bodies. When taken at high doses, DXM can distort how we perceive sight and sound, and create a feeling of…

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Guilt tactics that work in this campaign from the Salvation Army

Author: Marc van Gurp
Date: Friday 10 October 2014
Category: Homelessness, Poverty

“We’re too developed, too wealthy, and too kind-hearted a country to allow poverty to affect any of us.” This 2014 summer campaign from the Canadian Salvation Army is about guilt, and that is a tactic not so desirable in social advertising. Yet it is quite popular on social networks and…

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