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A chance

Posted by Armando Alves | 10-06-2009 14:05 | Category: Health

“Vous avez de la chance, mais cela ne va peut être pas durer.”
You have a chance, but maybe it won’t last much longer.

La chance from INPES on Vimeo.

Rough translation below:

13.8 billion years ago,
there was a 1 in 200 million chance
of Big Bang to happen and the universe to expand.

1 chance out of 800 trillion
for Earth having a temperature
where life is sustainable
and evolution happens
in a such a way that leads to mankind.

1 chance out of 20 thousand
for hundred of thousands of men
fight in battles during centuries
and build nations as they are.
1 chance out of hundred billions
for your parents having met each other
ans 1 chance in 200 millions
that a sperm cell that is you reaches the ovum.

You have an incredible chance
But that won’t last much longer.

1 smoker out of 2 dies of tobacco.
To stop, call 39 89.

One out of two smokers dies due to smoking, a risk highlighted on this recent campaign by INPES, by travelling through time and figuring the chances of landmark moments happening from the beginning of mankind.
If you are alive today, then don’t risk any more chances with smoking, and call 39 89, the new shortnumber for Tabac Info Service, and get help on how to quit smoking.

A man has a 1 in 65 million chance of being eaten by a shark. A smoke has a 1 in 2 chance of dying of smoking diseases.

The campaign has also print posters, radio ads and online display campaign leading to the new Tabac Info Service.

INPES (Institut national de prévention et d’éducation pour la santé)
DDB Paris

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