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Act until women and children are safe

Act until women and children are safe


On 1st February 2007 Women’s Aid, the national domestic violence charity, launches a national domestic violence awareness campaign to ask everyone to ‘act until women and children are safe’– that is – admit domestic abuse is a problem, call it by its name and talk to someone about it . The campaign, which has been photographed by Rankin, uses head and shoulder portraits of famous female faces, made up to show the physical effects of domestic violence.

Women photographed so far include Fiona Bruce, Anne-Marie Duff, Anna Friel, Jemma Kidd, Honor Blackman, Fay Ripley, Miquita Oliver and Kate Thornton. The March edition of Marie Claire, out today, showcases a range of images from the campaign.

Anne-Marie Duff, who was photographed for the ‘act’ campaign said:
“I was proud to take part in such a groundbreaking campaign. Domestic violence affects 1 in 4 women at some point in their lifetime, yet it is still often ignored and women are suffering in silence. I was made up to show how I would look if my eye was bruised, but domestic abuse is not only about physical abuse – many women are psychologically abused by their partners, yet no one can see the emotional scars. All forms of domestic abuse ruin the lives of hundreds of thousands of women and children every year, and we can all do something to help.”

Nicola Harwin, Chief Executive of Women’s Aid, said:
“We want this powerful campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence, to get people talking about it, to make those experiencing it to realise that they’re not alone, and to get everyone to do something to help.
Women and their children who are victims of abuse often feel too scared or ashamed to tell anyone, or feel that no one can help. Friends and family may not want to admit it’s a problem or feel embarrassed to talk about it. Doctors, nurses, health visitors see it all the time but often don’t ask the vital questions.
But whether we are friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues, or helping agencies, we can all do something to help stop domestic abuse.”

The Act campaign is launched by the British Women’s Aid, the national domestic violence charity that coordinates and supports an England-wide network of over 500 local services working to end domestic violence against women and children.
Women’s Aid provides a package of vital 24 hour lifeline services through its publications (available in 11 languages), websites ( and, and running the Freephone 24 Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline in partnership with Refuge.






Women’s Aid
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  1. Lily 8 years ago

    OMFG. i think this is horrible. and im from concord middle school. and were in this club called “one life” and me n my friends ashlyn and leighann are trying to help poepl like this. and we think its horrifying that a man would do this to a women. because we never did anything wrong. i have a friend that was abused and she just got out of the relatioship and shes still getting stalked by him. will you please contact us back. at my email. .
    please we want to help so bad.

  2. Jennifer 8 years ago

    I would just like to comment that these images are extremely hard to look at.  I am a senior at Bowling Green State University in Ohio and I was assigned a group project to help out a group called Adalante.  This group helps Latino women in several different categories but one of them is to learn about domestic violence.  My group has been researching domestic violence for weeks now and when I came across this web site I just felt the need to comment.  I am going to use these women as a great example of power and what it is to stand up to something so awful.  The women shown on this site is going to help tons of other women learn what domestic violence is and the severity of this act.  Thank you for creating something so strong and thank you to those women who weren’t scared to show their faces.

  3. MORGAN 8 years ago


  4. John Kimble 8 years ago

    What sexist rubbish – no male victims at all – not even one token one.

  5. sidney 8 years ago

    Abuse of all people on the planet is a crime.  Men, women and children.  Men are more likely to be beaten during their life than women in our messed up world…we need to protect all of God’s children.  Truth light love.

    “Be kind to all you meet, they are all fighting a hard battle”.  Plato 350 BC

  6. sidney 8 years ago

    Women and girls are special and precious, and a gift to this earth. They should be protected, respected and loved.  I would fight to the death to protect anyone being abused or harmed.

    “The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good”.  Author unknown.

    Truth light love

  7. Mike 8 years ago

    No offense, but these pics are really sexy and turn me on. These females look like they know their place.

  8. Iran88 5 years ago

    Very inspiring.a really creative to convey an important message.

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