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AIDS campaign takes a different look at “social diseases”

AIDS campaign takes a different look at “social diseases”


Marc originally shared these Finnish AIDS council ads on Facebook, but I thought I’d track them down for a post. While the idea of comparing social connections online to sexual connections in the real world — and their associated risks of infection — is not a new one, this blunt use of the check-in feature as metaphor is pretty effective.

See the male version (which works for straight women, gay men and MSM alike) below.

Related campaign from the Finnish AIDS council: Explore the body map safely.


Hiv-säätiö/Hiv-tukikeskus (Facebook – in Finnish)
McCann Helsinki
Faceblog (in Italian)

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  1. Troy 5 years ago

    This has got to be one of the worst cases of slut shaming I’ve ever seen.  This is awful on several levels, it assumes that I women should have fewer partners than men (20 vs. 35).  It seems to indicate that just because someone has had a certain number of partners they are automatically unsafe, and therefore some might think “she’s safe, she’s only has had sex with 2 other guys”
    There is nothing good about this ad campaign.

  2. Zach 5 years ago

    Fuck you, Troy.

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