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Animals: For long eyelashes

Animals: For long eyelashes


This campaign is from the Czech animal rights organisation Svoboda Zvírat and it’s about cosmetics tested on animals.
For long eyelashes / For luxuriant hair / For beautiful lips.

This Cosmopolitan look-a-like ads say: this is how 300.000 lab animals suffer each year.
Say no to cosmetics tested on animals.
The Svoboda Zvírat website gives more information about testing on animals, they published also a checklist with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cosmetics.






Below the billboard and a ad at a barbershop, the place to be for this campaign.



Svoboda Zvírat

Founder of Osocio. It all started with collecting election posters in 1973. And that's never stopped. Read more.


  1. Bamhama 8 years ago

    I think that this is a good blog, but it think that the people in the photos would look like that if they WERE NOT tested on animals. Would YOU like to look like that after putting on your mascara of you blush? NO. So, you can keep on complaining about “Oh the little Chimpanzees this, the little white lab rats that.” I want to see the PEOPLE who test the products that weren’t tested on animals, so now the people who actually contribute to society can not contribute as much since the mascara they put on last week blinded them. If they aren’t tested on animals, then they are tested on humans. So fuck those animals that test the products, they keep US and YOU safe!

  2. unknown 8 years ago

    ok well ya it keeps us from getting hurt but honestly if these people really had put on mascara or blush or any type of make-up and that happend to them maybe they would then understand what these poor inosent animals like rabbits and mice go thrught and might care a little more about it i think that animals being tested on is a bad idea and should be outlawed and people that still use animals a freakin test subjects should be put in jail it not right at all i dont think so and know one i know thinks its right either that my opinion and im stickin to it

  3. Blacklight 8 years ago

    Yeah, and people could just use natural products that don’t do that to people OR other animals, and that have been used by civilizations for centuries like coconut oil and minerals geez..

  4. saRAHHH. 8 years ago

    i think that
    all humans-suicidal humans,and murderers should have cosmetics tested on them.people who attempt to kill themselves,clearly want to die,so they should sign themselves up for this!

  5. Cathy 8 years ago

    I think this is a good wake up call to everyone. to make them think about the makeup and the process it goes through. i recently did a project on animal testing and it is disgusting the methods they use

  6. Tina 8 years ago

    TO BAMHAMA:  You need to do your homework on animal testing. Then you would realize that all this product “safety” testing is a complete waste of time, money, and most importantly innocent lives. Typically rabbits are used in cosmetics testing. Why? Because they are so like us? NO. Because they are cheap and easy to breed. Also, the structure of their tear ducts keeps their eyes from tearing up and washing away the test substance. They do not react to products like we do. For example, when bleach is applied to their skin it is only mildly irritating, but to humans is a major irritant. You should really look at all the facts on animal testing. I think you will be very surprised, particularly in the cases of drug testing. Here are a few to look into: TGN 1412, Baycol, Prempro. All of these had undergone animal testing for years, yet caused serious problems when administered to humans.

  7. flick 8 years ago

    animal testin is pointles. rabit eyes may be SIMILAR, and there for admitin tht is it pointles, because its for humans, we should test it on HUMAN eyes because its for HUMANS. my rabbit doesnt use my masscara, so whts the use testin it on her? they should test it on pedos and rapists and murderers, as a set law punishment. i had a foundation, and it was realy nic e on my skin, and my mum treied some, and sjhe had a rash…. so againk we all act differently….

    up yours you animal hatin murdering nymphettes!!!

    ANITA RODICK!!!! WOOPWOOP ok i bought some stuff from body shop, and so did my friends, non of us have had bad reactions, and they wernt tested on animals at all, yet my firend bought somtheing that was tested on a little furry cute white mouse, and got a very nasty reaction….


    flick xxx

  8. Chelsea Weber 7 years ago

    To date, several non-animal test methods have been formally validated and accepted by some countries as replacements for an existing animal test. Examples include the following:

    • An embryonic stem cell test, using mouse-derived cells to assess potential toxicity to developing embryos, has been validated as a partial replacement for birth-defect testing in rats and rabbits.(9)
    • The 3T3 Neutral Red Uptake Phototoxicity Test uses cells grown in culture to assess the potential for sunlight-induced (“photo”) irritation to the skin.
    • Human skin model tests are now in use, including the validated EpiDerm™ test, which has been accepted almost universally as a total replacement for skin corrosion studies in rabbits.(10)
    • The use of human skin leftover from surgical procedures or donated cadavers can be used to measure the rate at which a chemical is able to penetrate the skin.
    • Microdosing can provide information on the safety of an experimental drug and how it is metabolized in the body by administering an extremely small one-time dose that is well below the threshold necessary for any potential pharmacologic effect to take place.

    There are tons of advanced alternatives.

  9. Sarah 7 years ago

    Animals are animals for a reason.  Do you have a pet? Then it is possible that you are taking advantage of the animal being inferior as well.  They test them to see the general overall reaction to certain substances, and deduce what possible affects they may have on people. No, i dont really care for animals, they are animals, why throw such a big fuss over then. Rabbits, mice, etc are not going extinct, That is because they are able to reproduce at alarming rates.  Would you enjoy having a house full of rats? No, i dont think so. Do you keep a ton of rabbits? No, the become to hard to handle.  Its not like they are specifically killing the animals during freaking makeup testing. The advanced biochemical labs on the other hand can go through hundreds of pests a day.  So quit the flaming, and just take a chill pill. Just because you have an opinion, does not mean its going to stop any body from doing anything, They are just going to keep on doing as the please.  I could care less about your opinion just as much as you care about mine, lets be honest.  Your not going to stop trying to protect your little precious, just as much as i am no going to care any more about it.
    So, you would much rather test on humans, then on animals? How much crack are you doing?  Just because they are criminals for being rapist and murders? If you want to look at it that way, then why aren’t animals murders & rapists? They do the exact same thing. If you want to be completely technical with it that is. But then again, i could care less about either, so, go for it.  So again, just cill out, say all you want, it is never going to change anything but your own mind.

  10. Queen 7 years ago

    Wow this will get the point across I am sure, animal testing needs to stop, if we dont think it is safe to put on humans we should not be manufacturing it in the first place!

  11. John rutherford 7 years ago

    I salute all the caring animal-lovers here and their intelligent viewpoints and pinions… but… i t is hideous to see how many callous individuals there are here…

    Animals are not anybody’s to test or experiment on or inflict pain upon. It is really atrocious and heinous… and all in the name of vanity.

    Besides… how much more testing needs to be done? It is not as if we are, on a daily basis discovering a whole new catalogue of chemicals and natural-resources, who’s properties and reactions we are unfamiliar with.
    I am sure that every new mascara or eyeshadow has been millionfold tested, as all the compounds have already been known for ever and the results too…
    Fact is, that the whole testing-area in itself is an industry… just remember that once you stop all testing, all suppliers of syringes, tubes, incubators, cagemakers, contraptions-designers, laboratories and ‘research”centres would go bust, and so, a kind alternative to a cynical and cruel industry is alas, not an option.

    But… you who care, could continue buying cruelty-free cosmetics… that means VEGAN (without animal ingredients) and not tested on animals.
    And forget the phonies like Yves Rocher or the Body SHop, but go for companies that reall care, such as LAVERA, a German company that does a great range of INEXPENSIVE cruelty-free vegan cosmetics, an they trade glabal and are represented in most countries.
    Check out their website:

  12. Jasmine 7 years ago

    Actually, Bamhama, most cosmetics and soaps irritate the hell out of my skin. I almost went blind from using eyeliner. So much for animal testing “keeping me safe”. You’re an idiot. It wasn’t until I started using organic products made from plant based ingredients that I stopped experiencing skin irritation.  But even today, my eye still shows the effects of irritation from use of the “safe” animal-tested products.

  13. John rutherford 7 years ago

    Yes Jasime… Bamhana obviously buys into the pro-animal-testing myth and propaganda.

    Your suffering shows us that there is no point making animals suffer too, as the basis for the research and the results are NOT transferrible or applicable tp humans… and thus shoul dbe ended immediately.

  14. alice 3 years ago

    Well maybe the people in the cosmetic field shouldn’t have to do this in the first place if they used normal ingredients! we shouldn’t even have to have the danger of all of this, they could use natural ingredients that would make it safe enough to test on humans. Besides, you are putting all of these crazy chemicals near very unsafe places on your body where chemicals should never be. you can easily get harmful particles in your eyes that could have been tested and could still be harmful! and when you get it in your mouth and swallow it worse could happen.

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