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#BarbieSavior Instagram lampoons white saviour complex

#BarbieSavior Instagram lampoons white saviour complex
BarbieSavior Instagram lampoons white saviour complex


The “white saviour” cliché is already well-known among international development circles. It’s a  voluntourist, often American, white, female, and overtly Christian, who engages in overseas volunteerism that’s “all about her.”

The concept has already been lampooned by projects such as the “Let’s Save Africa!” video (that’s a still from it above). The latest entry continues the new tradition of anonymous “Barbie” accounts, begun by socalitybarbie, that play up perceived Millennial narcissism.

So here’s barbiesavior. I’ll let her speak for herself:





It’s all there: Africa as a “country,” people as props, and ignorant self-importance.

Hilarious. And also far too accurate, in some cases.

Thanks to Monica for the tip!

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