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Beijing Olympics: logo alternative

Beijing Olympics: logo alternative


beijing-logo-2008In my search for protest artwork about the Beijing Olympics 2008 I asked Hayan Maani to participate. He came up with this simple and very effective proposal for a logo (see above, left: official logo). Let ‘Beijing 2008’ be ‘Freedom 2008’.
Feel free to use it to spread the word.

I’d love to see more artwork, see the call for entries.
See all entries in the Sport category.
Below are 4 pictures, about the possible making of the official logo, which are going round on the internet. I don’t have any details about them, but the visuals are very clear.





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  1. Marius 9 years ago

    so siehts nämlich aus !

  2. Lin Mei 9 years ago

    Yes it’s made in Japan, just like the scene that they killed 300,000 people in my city, Nanjing.

    Now it’s 2008 and they want to kill in Beijing? LOL

    Come on Japs, we are ready!

  3. una 9 years ago

    Agree with the argument upstairs!
    Come on Japs andAll oppose the Chinese people, we are ready!

  4. Zlex Hings 6 years ago

    A logo from an assassination? How did that person’s body have a clear hole through it after a shot?? What weapon did they use?

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