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Cute sunscreen ad compares sunbathing to casual sex

Cute sunscreen ad compares sunbathing to casual sex

Sun Bum: Cute sunscreen ad compares sunbathing to casual sex

While it’s essentially a product ad, this “PSA” by Florida skincare company Sun Bum is a sweet take on responsible hedonism:

The music, the passionate couple, and the sun costume that looks like it came out of an elementary school play all work together to deliver a message that is pro-sun, pro-sex, and pro-protection at the same time.

From the company’s Press Release:

“For the most part, scare tactics don’t really work on us”, said Tom Rinks, President and co-founder of Sun Bum, “not for smoking, religion, or even sunscreen. You’ve just gotta show a way of living that is actually more appealing than the alternative, and hope people choose it. At Sun Bum, we try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we wanted to get the message out there for summer and this seemed like a fun, non-threatening way to do it.”
Also, that you don’t need to overthink social advertising. It just needs to feel right.

Sun Bum
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