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Every kid on the street has a story

Every kid on the street has a story


Three ads from Directions Youth Services Centre, the Youth centre for Vancouver’s homeless youth and youth at-risk.
“Many of the homeless youth on our streets have escaped from homes filled with abuse and violence. Directions is a 24 hour resource centre where they can find the support and tools they need to get off the streets for good.”



Directions Youth Services Centre
Rethink, Vancouver Canada
Additional credits:
Lindsay Siu: Photographer
Jack Griffin Inc. and Jonathon Cesar: Retoucher
Jonathon Cesar: Typographer
Carson Ting: Illustrator
Chris Staples: Creative Director
Ian Grais: Creative Director
Carson Ting: Art Director
Keri Zierler: Copywriter
Sheila Santa Barbara: Agency Producer

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