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The outpouring of anger against homophobia following suicides of bullied gay youth in the United States continues to gather inertia in social media.

This video takes aim at another current issue in the U.S.: Proposition 8, the recently-overturned (but still threatening) change to California law banning same-sex marriage.

This is the latest by Luke Montgomery’s “Good Ideas for Good Causes”, a new-style social marketing shop I’ll be keeping my eye on.

While I’m not offended by the gratuitous use of the work “fuck” in this context (hate deserves to get fucked as much as cancer does), it is a gimmick that loses effectiveness each time the word is “mainstreamed” in advertising. But fuck hate anyway.

FCKH8 also has a Facebook Page, a Twitter feed, and of course all kinds of wearable merch to raise funds through their online store:


Oh, and in case it didn’t get the message: FUCK HATE!

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